MERCEDES-BENZ Chinese Sub-Brand Name Creation

Labbrand creates a sub-brand name in Chinese 星睿 [xīng ruì] for second hand Mercedes cars to follow the premium, qualitative and luxury dimension as the mother brand does.


Owned by Daimler AG, Mercedes-Benz is the world’s leading luxury brand for automobiles, buses, coaches and trucks.

Mercedes Benz has made great achievements in the Chinese market thus far. In 2008, the brand began to look into the used car segment and was interested in creating a sub-brand name in Chinese for second hand Mercedes cars. This sub-brand would also be a “certified label” of quality and authenticity for selected Mercedes Dealers.

The Chinese sub-brand name was expected to follow the premium, qualitative & luxury dimension as the mother brand does, and to emphasize the message of selected & approved quality, reliability & trust.


After 4 rounds of name generation, 星睿 [xīng ruì] was the final choice. The name perfectly matched the brand attributes. Meanwhile, it was safe to register as a trademark in the already very crowded automobile industry. 

This sub-brand mainly targets the Mercedes used car buyers who are likely small entrepreneur/ family or middle-class upgraders. 星 [xīng] (star) and 睿 [ruì] (smart, wise) carry out a premium tone symbolizing status. 星 [xīng] (star) also corresponds well to the logo of Mercedes Benz; Hence it keeps a subtle link with the mother brand. 睿 [ruì] (smart, wise) has a connotation of leadership and achievement which are also the values pursued by the target customers. 

Luxury and quality, that’s what Mercedes Benz promises, whether first or second hand.


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