Strategic Design Solutions that Bring Your Brand Ideas to Life

Labbrand is a leading global design agency, we are the strategic partner of businesses, enterprises and organizations to deliver integrated solutions that bring your brand ideas to life and drive growth with market impact.

Labbrand’s holistic approach on Design combines the expertise of identity, packaging, communication, innovation and experiential practices to help businesses lead authentically, evolve and transform strategically in the market.

We Land Impactful Design Solutions that Drive Growth with Market Impact


    Our world-class consultancy team collaborates with researchers, strategists, naming specialists, creative directors, and digital experience consultants to create market insights-driven design that delivers real business impact, placing the consumer at the center of everything we do.

  • Strategic cultural insights

    With a design team trained in Semiotics and a flair for cultural trends, Labbrand delivers strategic solutions that guide businesses through a complex landscape of physical-virtual realities, platforms, and cultures, transcending traditional specialism silos.

  • Holistic design solutions

    We design solutions for businesses that lands your strategic objectives with relevance to the market behaviors and cultural perspectives.

    Our integrated approach spans across identity, packaging, communications and experiential design practices, enabling us to deliver truly holistic solutions that take into account macro market behaviours, cultural trends, business strategy, brand growth vision and functional realities.

  • Global teams with local expertise

    With multicultural teams in Shanghai, Paris, Singapore and New York, Labbrand brings a unique perspective to every project, understanding the nuances of different cultures to create design solutions that resonate with audiences worldwide.

Globally Recognized with Over 70 Awards and Counting

We are honored to be recognized for our work globally by some of the world’s most prestigious institutions and influential publications – including Red Dot, iF, LIA and Transform, with over 70 awards and counting.

We believe that great design solutions have the power to transform businesses and shape the way people interact with brands.

Shaping Authentic Values
Values are the central feature of cultures. An authentic brand is one that shapes a genuine culture around its business values and is consistent in its messaging and branding initiatives of that culture.

Innovating with Purpose
Purpose helps innovators see beyond current convention, breakthrough the status quo by focusing on a defined goal shared by the people within the company. Purpose-driven innovation changes the rules of the game through betterment with continuing advantages.

Delivering Sustainable Impact
Cultural Innovation transforms prevailing mindset and the way businesses and brands design their products, services and experiences – cultivating brand affinity and delivering sustainable market impact.

Design Offerings

We design solutions for companies to bring to reality their brand ideas combining the expertise of identity, packaging, communication, digital and environmental practices. Our designers engage effectively with stakeholders and brands, going beyond expectations with passion to ultimately create impact through design.

Brand Design

Brand Design transforms the business strategic vision into distinctive and purposeful representations of the Brand. Drawing from our integrated design practice, we create exceptional Brand Design solutions that land your strategic objectives with relevance to the market behaviors and cultural perspectives.

Packaging Design

Our Packaging Design solutions take a comprehensive approach, considering every aspect of the packaging experience, from the way it looks and feels to the messaging it conveys.

Experiential Design

Our integrated approach to design brings to life the essence of the brand within both physical and digital realms. Igniting conversations through rich product experience and unprecedented collaboration.

Communication Design

Communication Design delivers the brand idea through compelling experiences and narratives, the audience is engaged in the brand message to build the desired associations.


We take a brand-led approach towards innovation, supporting our client’s growth strategies through a human-centric approach, turning culturally relevant ideas into innovative product or service solutions/brands, that resonate with target customers and end consumers.

Design Work

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