Consumer Insights that Drive Brand Innovations, Brand Experience and Brand Management

At Labbrand, a world-renowned market research agency, we are strategic guides in addition to being skilled data analysts. Our team of semiologists, qualitativists, quantitativists, ethnographers, sociologists work hand in hand with brand strategists, advertisers, designers, and digital experts to output strategic insights that serve as the foundation for brand innovation.

We dive deep into consumer insights, market trends, and cultural analysis to provide our clients with insights for brand Innovation, brand experience and brand management. Our clients value the strategic implications we provide, which guide innovation and streamline the effort across R&D, marketing and branding teams.

We have helped numerous clients establish a strong brand presence.
Our team's expertise, combined with our proven track record, allows us to provide strategic recommendations that inspire innovation and drive results:
  • 30+

    Customized Insight-Strategy Models

  • 500+

    Insights Projects

  • 20+

    Industries served in both B2B and B2C sectors

The Value of Research is Fully Delivered

At Labbrand, we take a unique approach to strategic insights for brand innovation. Rather than relying on existing norms and traditional frameworks, we create models tailored to our client strategy that become standards in managing the brand and experience.

Seasoned Researchers

Seasoned researchers with specializations in various industries, including FMCG, Beauty, Tech, and Automotive.

Unique Frame

Equipped with Labbrand’s unique frameworks: Semiotics Map, Sustainability Model, and Consumer Emotion Resolution Model.

Tailor-Made Frame

With tailored frameworks to navigate and decode the intricate cultural and market dynamics.


Research Offerings

We help brands on a strategic brand level, our core offerings address your needs across the brand life cycle, from market entry, positioning, repositioning, innovation to brand optimization.

Brand Innovation

We help brands remain competitive by expanding their reach into new markets, staying connected with their audience through strategic positioning, and disrupting the market with innovative products and services.

Brand Experience

We specialize in helping clients optimize their brand experience to create meaningful connections with their audience and drive business growth.

Brand Management

We help you optimize your brand management efforts to build a strong brand reputation and achieve business success.

  • ESOMAR Member

    We are an active member of the European Society for Opinion and Marketing Research (ESOMAR), a professional organization dedicated to promoting and advancing the market brand research industry.

  • World's top semioticians

    Our team includes some of the world's top semioticians, who specialize in the analysis of symbols, signs, and cultural meanings in communication.

  • World's top sensory and emotion market research agency

    Labbrand is recognized as one of the world's top sensory and emotion market research agencies, with a deep understanding of the role of sensory and emotional experiences in shaping consumer behavior and decision-making.

Research Work

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