DOLBY Chinese Brand Name Creation

Labbrand creates the Chinese name for Dolby Axon and Dolby Atmos, giving an even greater impact on its audiences.


Founded in 1964, Dolby Laboratories is an American company specializing in audio noise reduction and audio encoding/compression. By licensing its technologies to consumer electronics manufacturers, Dolby is the global leader in high-quality audio and specialized technologies for entertainment enhancement.

Dolby Axon came to Labbrand to develop Chinese names for two of its audio products, Dolby Axon, a leading 3D sound technology designed for online games and Dolby Atmos, a powerful immersive audio system. Names not only needed to be tailored for Dolby’s specific brand attributes and attractive for the target market, but also to ensure that they would accurately translate the revolutionary dimension of this technology in a Chinese context.


Following a detailed creative brief and name candidate generation, we conducted Smart Legal Check, linguistic check and market research including consumer focus groups as well as multiple in-depth expert interviews to ensure the names’ good performance in legal, linguistic and consumer aspects.

The final name chosen for Dolby Axon was 杜比核擎 [dù bǐ hé qíng]. 核 [hé] is the word for core, nuclear or atomic and 擎 [qíng] means engine, support, lift up. The name evokes the feeling of an advanced and powerful force, suitable for an immersive audio environment, strongly inspiring the target audience – online gamers. It is also phonetically close to Axon.

Dolby Atmos was given the Chinese name 杜比全景声 [dù bǐ quán jǐng shēng]. 全 [quán] means all, 景 [jǐng] is view, 声 [shēng] means sound. 全景声 [quán jǐng shēng] takes an unusual move by linking closely the visual 景 [jǐng] and audio声 [shēng] experience, creating a highly integrated and synchronized system of picture and sound – exactly what this ground-breaking technology stands for. The character 全 [quán] not only depicts the sound is coming from everywhere from the screen but also delivers a formidable sense.

With relevant Chinese names, the beat of the Dolby technology has an even greater impact on its audience.