Atelier Cologne

Atelier Cologne Chinese Brand Name Creation

The European-styled Chinese brand name created by Labbrand will certainly bring you the characteristics of femininity, fashion and high-quality within the brand.


Atelier Cologne is a young French fragrance house established in Paris in 2010. It is the first fragrance house entirely dedicated to the legendary perfumery classic, cologne. Atelier Cologne has opened flagship stores in major international cities including Paris, New York, Tokyo, Dubai, Hong Kong, Shanghai, Beijing and Chengdu. The fragrance house is a winner of Fifi Awards 2012 by The Fragrance Foundation France.


Since its main competitors Jo Malone and Hermes already had their Chinese brand names and succeeded in Chinese market, Atelier Cologne urgently needed a Chinese brand name to establish its presence among the Chinese consumers. As a France based perfume brand, Atelier Cologne would like its Chinese brand name to be consist with its original “workshop”  brand connotation while retaining a high-end touch.


We created a Chinese name for Atelier Cologne by considering its brand history and its connotation which would be appealing to Chinese Market. “欧珑” [ōu lóng] became the optimal choice. The character “欧” [ō] is a short term for the Chinese definition of Europe, while “珑” [lóng] means a kind of jade that was used by the ancient Chinese to pray for rain, and also attaches a feeling of brightness. Meanwhile, this character implicates a subtle link with “cologne” whose Chinese interpretation “古龙” [gǔ lóng] partially shares the same sound. The smooth pronunciation and simple structure make the name very easy to read and to remember. In general, the European-styled Chinese brand name “欧珑” will certainly bring you the characteristics of femininity, fashion and high-quality within the brand.

Atelier Cologne is a French “Maison de Parfum” which gave birth to a new olfactive family, the “Cologne Absolue”. Six collections of very natural, fresh, elegant and long-lasting fragrances. The Chinese name of the brand 欧珑 created by Labbrand perfectly conveys Atelier Cologne’s brand essence, positioning and origins. This name is well appreciated by Chinese consumers and will become a key asset of the future development of the brand in China.

Brand General Manager, China