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Brand Signature Design is the technical name for what is commonly called Logo Design. Together with Brand naming, Brand Signature Design is the single most determinant decision for my brand identity.

What Is Brand Signature Design?   

A Brand Signature Design answers 3 key questions for my brand 

  1. How will my Brand Signature best fit my brand positioning? 
  2. How will my Brand Signature tell an authentic story while standing out with distinction and authenticity? 
  3. How will my Brand Signature express itself with a unique twist and distinguish itself from the category while still in line with my category’s trends? 


Brand Signature Design is the creation of the combination of Wordmark (the verbal part that is constituted by the brand name) and the Symbol (the graphic part that is independent of the brand name) Some Brand Signature design opt for only a Wordmark or only a Symbol.  

What Is a Good Example of Brand Signature Design?

A great example is Lanvin Group Brand Signature Design (a wordmark design only without a Symbol), which is part of the rebrand of the Group. 

  • Brand Positioning Lanvin Group Brand Signature immediately evokes openness and fluidity, a sense of collective that carries the ambition to build the Most Influential Global Luxury Group Rooted in China and carries the personality of a wise and brave person filled with creativity and flair for life. 
  • Brand StoryWe envision Lanvin Group as a disrupter and strive to build authenticity in a saturated market. Therefore, showcasing the Brand’s point of difference is essential to stand out. The new Brand Signature embodies the sophisticated essence of the Lanvin Wordmark whilst advancing with a culture of inclusivity and diversity that resonates with today’s society. 
  • Brand ExpressionRetaining the Didone contrasted letterform elegance and typographic (base) structure, this modulated sans-serif design is conscientiously crafted with respect to heritage and adaptive to modern media, pioneering new standards as the first global luxury fashion group originated in China 
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How is Brand Signature Design different from Brand Design?  

Brand Signature Design is part of Brand Design that also includes  

A visual system defines colors, shapes, typography, iconography and photography style that represents a holistic brand expression, enabling to guide the production of brand applications. 

How can it help with your enterprise transformation and why is it important to your company?  

A company‘s Brand Signature is one of any company’s single most valuable assets. It is one of the primary vehicles of Brand Equity. A Brand Signature Design change can signify a new vision for the enterprise, a fresh point of view or a pivot in the market with new strategies. Through time and investment, The Brand Signature might evolve into a symbol that carries an equal role in overall brand recognition. As it expands into an international market, a brand needs to localize its Brand signature to build local relevancy and drive tailored influence within the market.  


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