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Portfolio Design Strategy

Portfolio Design Strategy enables a brand’s united front with a memorable impact in increasingly competitive shelf space. When done well, it allows consumers to identify and recognise a brand’s essence and point of difference amongst a saturated sea of competitors.

What Is Portfolio Design Strategy?

A Portfolio Design Strategy brings 4 core benefits to my brand

  1. Impact It increases the brand’s impact on highly competitive shelves through a united and distinctive appearance. 
  2. Expandability It improves brand expandability through innovative portfolio design strategies for product innovation and extension. 
  3. A robust Brand Perception It promotes robust brand perception through a consistent brand image with an innovative tier strategy that promotes diversity and inclusivity. 
  4. Relevance It builds brand relevance in the market through efforts of imaginative new launches that enjoy instant credibility being part of an established brand. 

What Is a Good Example of Portfolio Design Strategy?

Labbrand's Dodie's Packaging Rejuvenation is a great example

  • The Impact and Expandability  Dodie’s carries a consistent IP strategy that enables the brand to communicate itself through their brand character Valentin in various ways. 
  • A Robust Brand Perception Owning a distinctive brand universe by communicating the rich preposition of Bespoke Softness (Product Intrinsic + Cherished Moments) and revitalizing Valentin Rabbit as Brand IP and the ambassador of brand values. 
  • The Brand Relevance Delivering a holistic experience across a comprehensive product portfolio whilst establishing distinction amongst product lines. 

How is Portfolio Design Strategy different from Packaging Design?  

A Packaging Design encapsulates the design of a particular SKU that contributes towards a holistic Portfolio Design Strategy through an expression that is unique towards that particular product and its unique selling points. 

How can it help with your enterprise transformation and why is it important to your company?  

A good Portfolio Design Strategy provides united clarity and diversity to the enterprise towards its transformation goals: 

  • It allows new innovative products to gain credibility by being part of an established brand. 
  • It accelerates innovation and consumer centricity with the focus on the value and relevancy the brand provides. 

In an ever-evolving world, a Portfolio Design Strategy enables a more dynamic and robust brand presence, enabling greater diversity and opportunity for brands to grow beyond their intended products. Therefore, your company must embrace Portfolio Design Strategy as a living compass to navigate the changing market environment. 


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