10 APR. 2018

Going Deeper than the Buzz: MUJI Minimalist Getaway

Have You Heard? 

The Japanese outlet MUJI, founded back in 1980 with over 300 stores outside Japan, recently opened its 1st hotel in Shenzhen, China. A so-called minimalist’s dream getaway, located just above a two-story MUJI outlet.

When you enter one of the rooms, you will be embraced with all things MUJI, from the comforting bedding to the sleek toothbrushes, from the bathrobes to the alarm clock on your night stand. As a guest you can give feedback on the products that will be used to improve its products. 

But Wait, What?

The ‘house for the unbranded' advocating the “No Brand, Good Quality” philosophy just started to brand a night’s stay. Let us take a glance at the MUJI brand using the 4 Facets of Brand Positioning and identify what makes this seem such a surprise. 

Vision – No Brand, Good Quality

MUJI’s full name Mujirushi Ryōhin- translates to "No Brand, Good Quality."

Their core vision is ‘the belief of a world where products speak for themselves, without any brand mark to sell under-standard products’. This move into opening a hotel under the MUJI brand challenges this fundamental facet completely. As ultimately staying true to their core vision meant opening a hotel without any brand name. Doing the opposite makes the stakes higher on a failure or repercussions on the brand itself.

Truth – Return Simplicity in Daily Life

MUJI created a lifestyle around simple minimalistic aesthetics that has become synonymous with contemporary Japanese design. Both rationality and simplicity are factors that come back in the functionality of the products, the approach to the use of natural and basic materials and the rationale behind the minimalistic quality designs.

“Simplicity and emptiness yield the ultimate universality, embracing the feelings and thoughts of all people.”

Occasion – Tidy Warm Home

Many of their products are almost gadgety, but with a design-first approach MUJI’s products help to fulfill the ultimate dream of a super tidy home with everything in its place. A bright and airy home that brings comfort, well organized, all things boxed and bagged.

Personality – Tranquil Zen

Entering their stores, you are met with an airy tranquil Zen personality, that echoes through the alignment of the cash registers to the display and assortment of their apparel. All feels you are meeting your honest and genuine best friend.


What is interesting is that while the brand is seeking a stronger presence in its focus market China, the brand advocating products without a brand mark, ventured the MUJI brand itself into a hotel business. 

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