Going Deeper Than The Buzz: Canada Goose, Your Sherpa for Daily Exposure

Sadjéda Umar

Project Coordinator, Vancouver

Canada Goose, the Canadian manufacturer renowned for its winter clothing and luxury appeal, has been gaining traction internationally including recent announcements to enter the China market. In addition to gaining popularity, the brand is also expanding its product lines to include accessories and knitwear.

What will these actions mean for Canada Goose’s brand positioning? Let’s use the 4 facets of brand positioning to uncover the strengths and plot the evolutions of this reputable family brand. 

Truth: Made for Extreme Weather

Canada Goose is well-known for its functional and high-quality garments that keep you warm during the winter season. The Canadian-ness of the brand brings credibility to the product: if the jacket is made in one of the coldest places on Earth, it should keep anyone warm in almost any place, even the North and South poles.

Indeed, the famous Expedition Parka was originally developed for scientists working in McMurdo Station, Antarctica, allowing them to work in the harsh and extreme weather. Afterwards it became an (un)official "uniform" for scientists, climbers, and film crews, which further reinforced the publicity and benefit of the jackets.

“We have turned down offers to do women’s jackets that include more frivolous details or design features. We really don’t see ourselves as a fashion brand.” CEO Dani Reiss 
Canada Goose- Made in Canada

Canada Goose's Instagram

Vision: Chartering the Unchartered

The vision of Canada Goose brand is to equip people on explorations and adventures in any environment they choose to venture, including extremely inhospitable ones. Nowhere is too cold or too challenging when you are well equipped and comforted by a high-quality garment. As a clothing brand, it literally empowers the adventurous to mount the summit, sail to the unknown and charter the unchartered. The spirit of Canada Goose is always to celebrate the beauty of the wild and to push people out of their comfort zones.

Universe: The Peak of the Mountain

As mountain climbers attempt to summit the tallest mountains in the world, conditions get considerably harsher. For these explorers, moments of doubt flashes across their minds. And yet, they push through these hard moments and persist through until the very end. Canada Goose is a celebration of the euphoric moment when climbers finally reach the peak of the summit, and feel a sense of unbounded liberation. As the brand’s CEO Dani Reiss explains, the unique emblematic moment the brand creates contributed to its success: warmth and protection from the elements are emotional experiences, which makes Canada Goose an emotional brand. 

Personality: The Sherpa You Can Count On

Just like a reliable Sherpa whose mission is to make a challenging exploration a bit safer, Canada Goose provides explorers with its expertise: the brand protects you against any harsh elements you might come across, and acts as a shelter in various unfriendly environments, be it the cold, the rain, or the wind. The reliable Sherpa is someone you can always count on, and instead of stepping back in the face of danger or setback, he or she pushes you to go forward and is by your side every step of the way.

Canada Goose's Instagram

Canada Goose's Instagram

Conclusion: Reaching the Top

It’s not a common occurrence when a brand has both a strong functional and emotional appeal. By providing high-quality outdoor gear that could make you survive any harsh condition, Canada Goose is a brand that facilitates your arduous journey while making you as comfortable as possible throughout the process. For those who are addicted to the dopamine of pushing the boundaries of what you can achieve, Canada Goose encourages that exploration and is always by your side to remind you of the exhilaration of finally reaching the end. 

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