The Marvelous Power of Comics

Marvel Chinese Brand Name Creation

Labbrand successfully created the Chinese name 漫威 [màn wēi] for MARVEL, helping the brand establish a strong brand recognition in the Chinese market.


With the aim of establishing a distinctive brand identity in China, MARVEL was in need of a Chinese name that encapsulated the very essence of its fundamental qualities. Finding a name that could convey bravery, adventure, and power was of paramount importance, while also ensuring phonetic resemblance to the English name MARVEL. 



Labbrand successfully created the Chinese name 漫威 [màn wēi] for MARVEL. The character 漫 is commonly used in the Chinese word for comics (漫画 [màn huà]) and signifies the medium of storytelling. The character 威 represents power, strength, might, and prestige. Together, these characters not only phonetically resemble the English name MARVEL but also convey the brand's nature and evoke a sense of bravery and power. The naming process involved linguistic checks in 6 Chinese dialects and insights from focus groups to ensure cultural relevance. 

It was a great pleasure to communicate with the branding creatives and operators on a practical level, so that we could better understand the requirements in the actual business operations with each other. Trademark’s application and management vary widely depending on different countries and areas. It would be great if the trademark owner can optimize the planning of brand design, trademark application and trademark asset management with the help of professional teams - in this way, they’ll succeed in protecting their own brand to the greatest extent, making this intangible asset to be the powerful assistance for the company development.

Melanie Zhu
Head of trademark business of Rouse Shanghai


The Chinese brand name 漫威 [màn wēi] created by Labbrand successfully established strong brand recognition for MARVEL in China. The name effectively captures the essence of the brand's core attributes and resonates with the target market. The name 漫威 combines the concept of comics with power, aligning with the brand's identity and appealing to Chinese consumers. Labbrand's expertise in brand naming and cultural understanding contributed to the creation of a name that reflects the marvelous power of comics, further strengthening MARVEL's position in the Chinese market.