VOYAH Brand Identity Creation

LABBRAND partnered with Dongfeng, a Chinese automobile manufacturer, to create a unique and consistent brand identity for their new electric vehicle (EV) brand, VOYAH. With the goal of standing out in the competitive automobile market and establishing a reputation as a premium and sustainable EV brand, LABBRAND developed bilingual names and a comprehensive visual identity system for VOYAH.


In the face of a downward trend in automobile sales, particularly in the oversaturated low-end EV segment, Dongfeng recognized the opportunity to develop a high-end EV brand. To successfully promote their first independent EV brand, Dongfeng needed a compelling brand identity that would resonate with consumers and position VOYAH as a leading player in the market.



Through in-depth interviews with the top management of Dongfeng, LABBRAND team immersed themselves  in the brand’s culture and formulated the overarching creative strategy for the development of brand identity, which is based on “1 Premise + 3 Attributes” complimenting the ambitious vision of the brand,

1 Premise:

  • The brand image should adhere to the principles of “Premium, Classic & Exquisite”.

3 Attributes:

  • Connects closely with people, has profound experience, and pioneers in the industry.
  • Adhere to the concept of humanized technology and continuous pursuit of premium quality.
  • Resonate with the consumers and is associated with good meaning.

LABBRAND conducted in-depth interviews with Dongfeng's top management to understand the brand's culture and formulated a creative strategy based on the "1 Premise + 3 Attributes" approach. The premise focused on the principles of "Premium, Classic & Exquisite," while the three attributes emphasized close connection with people, profound experience, innovation in humanized technology, and a pursuit of premium quality. LABBRAND created a bilingual name, "VOYAH, 岚图 [lán tú]," that conveyed the brand's premium and pleasant experience, balancing intelligence and nature. The brand name "VOYAH" evoked a sense of embarking on a luxurious journey, while "岚图 [lán tú]" symbolized a blueprint for the bright prospects of the brand in the EV industry.

The brand signature is inspired by the idea of 鲲鹏 [kūn péng] that refers to the mythical Roc, an enormous legendary bird of prey, in the popular mythology of the Chinese culture — “鲲鹏展翅 [kūn péng zhǎn chì]” paints a picture that the mythical Roc is spreading its wings and is soaring high. 

The overall brand logo showcases a simple and modern style. Infused with the design element “wings”, The “flying” gesture demonstrates a positive mindset: the brand will accompany consumers to grow and make achievements, creating the blueprint of life together.

VOYAH Brand Identity
VOYAH Brand Identity


The brand identity for VOYAH successfully positioned the brand as a premium and sustainable EV brand. The brand name, logo, and visual identity reflected VOYAH's values of sustainability, intelligence, and premium quality. The brand signature, inspired by the mythical Roc, depicted a soaring bird spreading its wings, symbolizing growth and achievements. The overall brand logo showcased a simple and modern style, incorporating the design element of "wings" to convey a positive mindset and a shared journey towards creating the blueprint of life. The brand identity created by LABBRAND helped VOYAH establish a distinct presence in the automobile market, setting them apart from competitors and attracting consumer attention.

LABBRAND Creates Brand Visual Identity for VOYAH
LABBRAND Creates Brand Visual Identity for VOYAH

VOYAH 岚图 will quickly enter China‘s high-end EV market, adding new momentum to the development of China’s new energy vehicles. Centered with the consumer needs, VOYAH has the confidence, strength and method and are making unremitting efforts to solve the 6 pain points of users: product quality, safety, mileage, delivery, service and sustainable development of the brand. 

Lu Fang


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