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A brand could not be comprehensively understood through its brand name and logo only. A brand tagline helps expand or reinforce the brand positioning expression. A brand tagline raises brand perception, and some strong tagline even help build awareness. A brand can help achieve widespread brand communication and form an emotional connection between the brand and its audience.

What Is Brand Tagline?

A Brand Tagline answers 4 key questions for my brand

  1. Which of these 3 dimensions Corporate Value, Brand Vision or Selling Point would I like to emphasize the most? 
  2. What brand tagline best fits the brand tonality and highlights the brand personality? 
  3. What Brand Tagline best engages and resonates with consumers? 
  4. Does the tagline have negative associations in languages or dialects under different cultural background?  

What Is a Good Example of Tagline Creation?

A great example is L’Oréal's tagline: Because You’re Worth It

  • L’Oréal is committed to removing the barriers between women and their ambitions. “Because You’re Worth It” unremittingly reminds women of their worth in a short and powerful way. 
  • The iconic tagline was created in 1970’s by a young junior female copywriter. “I wanted a more assertive, more contemporary real woman, and I wanted it to benefit the women.” It was bold and encouraging at that time. It has now become a timeless expression empowering women and men.
  • L’Oréal understands Beauty is a fundamental need that goes beyond mere “appearance” and taps deep into human aspirations: a sense of belonging, self-realization, self-confidence... “Because You’re Worth It” exactly encourages all people to fearlessly embrace their ambitions and believe in their self-worth every day.
  • “Because You’re Worth It” has been translated into 40 languages and has become the militant tagline uniting women around the world. It’s simple and memorable as a common sentence.
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How is Brand Tagline different from the Campaign Theme? 

The brand campaign theme is customized according to seasons, festivals, hot trends, etc. It can achieve quick popularity but with short-term relevance to consumers. The tagline is designed to convey the core value and concept of the brand. Compared with the campaign theme, the brand tagline can stand for a long time and maintain longer relevance to consumers. 

How can it help with your enterprise transformation and why is it important to your company? 

Brand tagline plays two important roles:

1) helping the audience understand the brand;

2) resonating with consumers.

These 2 points are key to build a strong and long-standing brand image in the audience’s mind.  

A brand prioritizes different businesses and may hold different or evolving Corporate Value, Brand Vision or Selling Point throughout its lifecycle.

While the brand name usually has to stay the same, the tagline of a brand can be regularly updated to convey core brand message on different development stage. Therefore, a good tagline is a catalyst for the successful transformation on different development stages.


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