18 JAN. 2012

San Pellegrino sparkles with BVLGARI

The Italian brand of sparkling mineral water San Pellegrino, recently teamed-up with the iconic jewelry and fashion accessories brand BVLGARI to commemorate the latter’s 125th anniversary. The two Italian firms jointly designed a limited edition bottle named BVLGARI x San Pellegrino, which aims to celebrate Italy’s refined spirit and culture.


“When S.Pellegrino met BVLGARI, the idea came out naturally: this partnership represented a further step towards the creation of a one-of-a-kind Made in Italy hallmark, bringing together the most prestigious brands and setting the highest standard for Italian style all over the world”, said Stefano Agostini, Sanpellegrino CEO.

The choice to redesign the traditional look of the bottle follows in the footsteps of San Pellegrino’s 2010 limited edition Missoni collaboration. Although the partnership between fashion brands and designer bottles has been a common practice, the Missoni project was the first time in over 100 years of operations that saw the Italian water producer allow for its classic bottle to be ‘redressed’.

San Pellegrino decided to limit the production of the BVLGARI bottle to 50 million units and to distribute them only to specific high-end restaurants around the world. However most of the bottles will be used at the exclusive events celebrating the designer’s anniversary worldwide.

Beyond creating a hallmark for Made in Italy products, this move is of course part of a larger strategy to further establish the position of the San Pellegrino brand as a global luxury good. Internationally, the brand is already perceived as one of the high-end options in the bottled water market. However, adopting this co-branding strategy can assist the company in increasing its identification as a luxury good.Co-branding with luxury products is one of the most popular brand-building strategies companies embark. (For more details, please see Labbrand’s previous posts of “H&M with Versace” and “Co-branding, a 1+1>2 formula ”).

The question is, after having been dressed up by Missoni and embellished by BVLGARI, what will come next for the San Pellegrino brand?

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