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Dior Prestige Chinese Brand Name Creation

Labbrand created the Chinese brand name 花秘瑰萃 for Dior Prestige, delivering a sense of brevity and elegance.

Founded by Christian Dior in 1946, Christian Dior SE, commonly known as Dior, is a European luxury goods company that is famed for revolutionizing the fashion industry. The brand currently designs and retails fashion goods, beauty products etc. Dior Beauty offers comprehensive lines of makeup and skincare products, including its premium skincare line Dior Prestige.

Labbrand, the leading China-originated global brand consultancy, worked closely with Dior to create the Chinese brand name 迪奥花秘瑰萃 [dí ào huā mì guī cuì] for its premium skincare line Prestige. 

Dior Prestige
Dior Prestige 花秘瑰萃

The original Chinese brand name for Prestige was 迪奥花蜜活颜丝悦, which has been existed for many years and adored by consumers. However, with nectar removed from the ingredient list, a new Chinese name was required to show the product attributes. Labbrand was commissioned by Dior to create a Chinese brand name for the new product line.

We created the Chinese brand name 迪奥花秘瑰萃 [dí ào huā mì guī cuì], which brings a sense of brevity and elegance. 花秘瑰萃 [huā mì guī cuì] paints imagery of how the line is the secret to having the amazing feeling of rose-petal skin: fine and smooth texture, firm plumpness and a radiant glow.

“It is always a challenging journey to rename a brand, particularly for such a reputed brand with a long history. In this case, we learned that a majority of existing consumers like to call Prestige as 花蜜. In the new name, we remained the sound of this term to better help consumers transition through the change. Overall the name feels exquisite and fresh, which brings about a good mood and positive associations for every consumer.” said Judy Wang, Creative Director at Labbrand. 

dior prestige
Dior Prestige