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Brand Identity and Brand Positioning does not assure me, my brand is perceived by its audience. A good Brand Story is the instrument by which I can make my audience really understand my brand, sense its Brand Positioning and champion it wholeheartedly. The Brand Story is an integral part of both internal and external Brand Communications, optimally conveyed through a thoughtfully designed Brand Voice.

What Is Brand Story?

A Brand Story tells 4 key topics to my audience

  1. VISION  What shared belief does my brand implicitly advocate?
  2. VALUE PROPOSITION  What pain points does my brand solves and what benefits does my brand commits to deliver?
  3. BRAND UNIVERSE  It tells the story in a way that sets a unique time and place for the reader to be transported and feel the brand.
  4. BRAND PERSONALITY  The unique characteristics that is interpreted in the story written in the personified Brand Voice.

What Is a Good Example of Brand Story?

Coca-Cola's brand story is a great example


“The Birth of a Refreshing Idea” is so renowned that the brand itself interprets “Delicious and Refreshing”. This is the remarkable story about the evolution of an iconic brand and the company that bears its name.

  • VISION   To craft the brands and choice of drinks that people love and enjoy, to refresh them in body and spirit.
  • VALUE PROPOSITION  To refresh the world and make a difference, which remains clear since 1886.
  • BRAND UNIVERSE  Since its birth in 1886, Coca Cola has been a catalyst for social interaction and inspired innovation. These unique moments, presented chronologically, have contributed to the creation of a global brand that provides countless refreshing moments every day.
  • BRAND PERSONALITY Curious, Empowered, Inclusive, Agile- these qualities naturally formed how the brand in expression of refreshing the world for 125 years.
    Guided by these foundational principles, The Coca-Cola Company cultivates a direction, ethos, behavior, and culture that resonates with individuals connected to the brand.
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How is Brand Story different from Corporate Story?  

A Brand Story differs from a Corporate Story that defines/ answer the questions of:

The Brand Story demonstrates the brand’s values and personality, delving into its origins, the value it seeks to create, and its distinctive style. It elicits emotions and resonates with individuals who share a connection with the brand’s essence.

Corporate story is the epitome of the company’s journey since inception, documenting pivotal moments, challenges, and achievements. It remains objective, portraying the company’s evolution for all stakeholders.

How can it help with your enterprise transformation and why is it important to your company? 

A good brand story forms a vital link between your brand and individuals and communities. It descripts who you are as a brand and the values you uphold, co-created with those who resonate with its narrative and empathize the shared beliefs. Craft it as an essential part of your brand strategy with care and it will be evolved along with the enterprise development and transformation.


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