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Brand Governance

Brands are critical business assets that drive customer choice, loyalty and price premium. However, true business value can only be realized WHEN THE BRAND IS SKILLFULLY GOVERNED – and that’s where Brand Governance comes into play.

What Is Brand Governance?

Brand Governance answers these 3 questions for my brand

  1. People  Who is responsible for brand management and implementation?
  2. Process  What workflows are set to promote resource allocation and information sharing between teams?
  3. Platform  What tools and systems are used (including IT and non-IT systems) to implement the process?

What Is a Good Example of Brand Governance?

3M’s Brand Governance is a great example

  • People  Creates a Brand Council to facilitate cross-function communication and decision-making
  • Process  Establishes a new training process to realize the transformation from “one -size -fits -all” to customized training
  • Platform  Uses a central Brand Portal to support further brand dialogue and enable the tracking of metrics; Develops highly engaging and dynamic educational content; Highlights best practices
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How is Brand Governance different from Corporate Governance? 

Brand Governance differs from Corporate Governance that defines the rules, practices and processes by which a firm is directed and controlled. It encompasses practically every sphere of management: action plans, internal controls, performance measurement, etc. 

How can it help with your enterprise transformation and why is it important to your company?

A skillfully governed brand realizes true business value. The rationales/benefits are as below:

  • Saving time by providing organizational clarity
  • Saving money/ cost saving
  • Elevating the impact because of efficient and consistent execution of brands, henceoptimal customer experiences


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