Master Our Human Power to Shape the Future

  • We are passionate about exploration.

    We explore new territories with a passion for the branding industry—from the power of words & ideas to digital & culture transformation, from B2C to B2B, from Shanghai headquarters to APAC and worldwide. We are multicultural and diverse, we are in tune with the latest trends in the branding field, and always growing.

  • We work at the forefront of branding.

    We are our clients’ guiding partners. We work with Fortune 500 brands and industry leaders around the world, including Porsche, Coca-Cola, Marvel, Medtronic, and XCMG by providing constantly evolved service, improved brand methods and unique brand technology. We are surrounded by dynamic, open-minded, passionate, curious and brave people.

  • We are enthusiastic about life.

    Our office is creative and spacious, located in the heart of a deeply rooted cultural landmark of the city, we continuously get inspiration from our surroundings as well as each other. We take the opportunity to enrich our lives and nurture our culture, and we are always exposed to new things and celebrate our development with pleasure and pride.

  • We excel in team performance.

    We believe in the power of teamwork. Through teamwork, our Human Power comes to life, impacts our clients, and shapes the future. We believe that progress in team performance is an ongoing pursuit. Our team leaders are caring and accessible. With their experience and management skills, our leaders keep us learning about how to better perform as a team.

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