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Corporate Naming 

Corporate Naming is a crucial first step in building a unique and vivid corporate image.

What Is Corporate Naming?   

A Corporate Naming answers  5 key questions for my brand

  1. What name best fits my corporate positioning? 
  2. Is the name inclusive enough to cover all business units?  
  3. Does the name avoid pitfalls in all languages that matter? 
  4. Is the name available as a registered business name in the Industrial and Commercial Administration Bureau of the company’s location? 
  5. Is the name available for use and registration as a trademark in the targeted markets? 

What Is a Good Example of Corporate Naming?

ALPHABET is a great example

  • The name ALPHABET means a collection of letters that represent language, one of humanity’s most important innovations, and is the core of how they index with Google search. Meanwhile, it indicates alpha‑bet (Alpha is investment return above benchmark), which the corporate strives for.
  • The meaning of ALPHABET makes it an inclusive name for a multi-brand strategy. It holds dozens of brands under its umbrella such as: Google, Fiber, Calico, Verity, Google X, Google Capital, Access & Energy, Sidewalk Labs, etc.. 
  • ALPHABET is easy to read and remember as an existing dictionary word. 
  • The corporate name ALPHABET INC. was registered in Delaware in 2015. 
  • ALPHABET INC. has registered 40 trademarks for ALPHABET since 2015, covering the Americas, Europe, Oceania, Asia and South Africa in 36 classes. 
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Pain Point

Corporate naming is a crucial first step in building a unique and vivid corporate image. However, it’s a big challenge to own a good corporate name that simultaneously meets the following 4 points: 

  • Fits the corporate positioning. 
  • Stays viable in transformations the corporate might pursue (internationalization, innovation…). 
  • Is inclusive to cover all business units. 
  • Is registrable both as a trademark and a business name to be ownable. 

How is Corporate Naming different from Brand Naming?  

Brand naming is consumer or client- facing and needs to pass trademark registration. However, corporate naming faces different audiences such as employees, investors, government, business partners, etc. It needs to pass the corporate registration system.  

How can it help with your enterprise transformation and why is it important to your company?  

A corporate name is the most valuable/ beneficial and fundamental asset of any company. It’s an embodiment of the enterprise vision. In the long-term business growth, a corporate name integrates inclusively all business units. It represents solidly the corporate and speaks to stakeholders from all levels.  


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