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EVP Strategy  

Enterprises leverage Employer Branding to attract and retain talents. And EVP Strategy is the cornerstone which defines a clear and unique Employee Value Proposition to guide and align all the EB communication and initiatives.

What Is EVP Strategy?  

EVP Strategy answers 4 questions for my employer brand

  1. Vision  What vision of the future does my empoyer brand convey? What shared belief does it promote?  
  2. Truth  What functional and aspirational benefits does my empoyer brand commit to deliver to my employees?  (e.g. salary, perks, growth opportunities, values, self realization, etc. ) 
  3. Universe  What imaginary world is opened up by my empoyer brand? 
  4. Personality  How is my empoyer brand personified and what are its unique characteristics?  

What Is a Good Example of EVP Strategy?

Nvidia’s EVP strategy is a good example. 

  • Vision  A place where the best people can do their life’s work 
  • Truth   Anything needed to do your life’s work Purpose-led career: Follow Your Passion. Lead a Movement. Highly competitive basic benefits: We help you and your families’ physical, mental, and financial health and overall well-being, so you can do your life’s work. Most flexible growth opportunities: Go where you are most valued. The enabling culture: A welcoming culture. 
  • Universe  Free to explore
  • Personality  Fearless activist Bold | Agile | Passionate | Doer

How is EVP Strategy different from Vision, Mission and Values?  

EVP strategy and VMV strategy are both parts of Corporate Culture. VMV informs the why-and-how of work from employer’s perspective, whereas EVP addresses employee’s need, aspiration and experience.  

Ideally, the talent EVP Strategy is targeting at should share the same vision and values.  Because this will help strengthen corporate culture and ultimately accelerate the realization of vision and mission. 

How can it help with your enterprise transformation and why is it important to your company?  

In any industry, whoever attracts the best talent is more likely to win.  

We believe that branding is not only vital to attract customers, but also talent. We help you create a lifestyle EVP Strategy so as to build a humanized enterprise that attracts and strengthens the people for the company. Ultimately, it drives and accelerates your enterprise transformation. 


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