Chinese Brand Name Creation

Labbrand created a new Chinese name 慧优体 [huì yōu tǐ] for Weight Watchers, promoting intelligent weight losing in line with the brand repositioning.


Based in the United States, Weight Watchers has been a leading provider of weight management services and products for over 50 years and across five continents. To help people achieve optimal body weight and maintain a healthy lifestyle, Weight Watchers provides its consumers with different methods to lose weight and look great.


In 2008, Weight Watchers entered China with the Chinese name, 慧俪轻体 [huì lì qīng tǐ]. This Chinese name conveys intelligence, beauty and slimness, and was expected to attract young businesswomen at an average age of 29. After a few years in China, Weight Watchers wanted to expand its market into B2B, the healthcare and merchandising industry. Thus, it created a long-term plan targeting not only a small group of business women, but also across a broader age range of female and male audiences. Weight Watchers needs another name to convey its new brand motto: everyone can lose weight in a natural, healthy and sustainable way.


First, we analyzed the key attributes of Weight Watchers to clarify its brand structure. After going through several rounds of name generation, we created the new Chinese brand name, 慧优体 [huì yōu tǐ]. 慧 [huì] is the same character used in the previous Chinese name and shows a key brand heritage of Weight Watchers. 优 [yōu] and 体 [tǐ] connote intelligence and the body respectively. 优体 [yōu tǐ], a term specially invented by Labbrand, promotes a new concept of weight loss - to lose weight intelligently. Using a simple yet expressive message, Weight Watchers can help more women lose weight intelligently.