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Weber Brand Localization: Bringing the American Grilling Legend to China

Weber, a leading global manufacturer of grills and grilling accessories, sought to expand its presence in the Chinese and Hong Kong markets, which have unique BBQ cultures. Labbrand conducted comprehensive market research to understand consumer perceptions, needs, and market trends. Through brand positioning, messaging development, and visual identity creation, Labbrand helped Weber establish a distinctive brand image tailored to the China market.


Weber needed to understand the BBQ culture in China and Hong Kong, as well as consumer perceptions and needs in order to effectively position its brand in the market. The challenge was to develop a localized brand strategy and messaging guide that resonated with Chinese consumers while maintaining Weber's premium and inspiring image.


Labbrand conducted thorough market research, including internal and external interviews, to gain insights into the BBQ culture in China. They identified three potential target segments and their specific needs for grills. Based on these insights, Labbrand developed a unique brand positioning for Weber, focusing on delivering an authentic grilling experience and inspiring social gatherings. A structured messaging matrix was created to guide Weber's communication with different target audiences.

Entering China market is a strategic move for us and we are very happy with the branding agency we chose. Together with Labbrand, we are confident in building a solid brand foundation for Weber to connect with Chinese consumers! 

Brian Hendricks
Regional VP Asia Pacific at Weber
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Labbrand successfully created a Chinese brand name for Weber, "威焙" (wēi bèi), which phonetically resembles the original English brand name. The name conveys a sense of power and success, emphasizing Weber's premium and leading position in the market. Labbrand also developed a Chinese signature lock-up and a visual identity system that reinforced Weber's brand heritage while building a distinctive brand image in the local market.

The Weber brand localization project enabled Weber to better understand the Chinese BBQ culture and consumer needs. The tailored brand positioning and messaging helped Weber connect with Chinese consumers and establish a strong brand image in the China and Hong Kong markets.

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