Bilingual Brand Name and Brand Identity Creation

Voya Financial, the New York-based financial, retirement, investment and insurance company, recently launched its Chinese brand identity, including a Chinese brand name and a bilingual brand signature created by Labbrand New York, to cater to the growing Chinese community across the U.S.

The Voya Financial brand was established in 2014, evolving from ING U.S. With the vision of becoming America’s Retirement Company™, Voya helps some 13 million customers become financially and emotionally ready for retirement.

Labbrand, a global brand consultancy with strong expertise in Chinese brand naming, worked closely with Voya to create a Chinese identity for the brand that is optimistic, approachable, and relatable to the Chinese-American community, who are in need of smart and professional financial planning and management. Labbrand created the Chinese brand name 沃雅 [wò yǎ], conducted linguistic tests in major Chinese dialects, and designed the bilingual brand signature.

The Chinese brand name 沃雅 [wò yǎ] envisions a rich and happy journey towards and through retirement, while maintaining similar pronunciation in Chinese to the original name “Voya”. 沃 [wò] stands for richness, implying an aspirational life full of joy. 雅 [yǎ] means elegance and peace, reflecting peace of mind and assurance for the future and life during retirement. The name has an optimistic and trustworthy tone, resonating with Voya’s brand image and customers’ expectations. This name was linguistically tested among speakers of Mandarin and two major Chinese dialects spoken in the U.S. – Cantonese and Minnanhua. Additionally, the two characters chosen for the name are readable in both traditional and simplified Chinese characters.

Labbrand also designed the bilingual brand signature for Voya, maintaining a strong resemblance with the distinct traits of Voya’s original visual identity. Voya plans to utilize the Chinese brand name and visual identity for various marketing touchpoints including website, social media, TV ad, print media, video, and other collateral.


“We are very thrilled to work with Voya Financial on this naming and design project,” said Ying Mu, Vice General Manager of Labbrand New York. “What makes the U.S. market so special is its diversity. And as a growing segment of this market, the Chinese-American community is definitely one that has many opportunities for brands. We are happy to provide our multi-cultural knowledge and approach to help our clients to achieve consistent growth.”