Chinese Brand Tagline Creation

Labbrand created the Chinese tagline 业精于风 [yè jīng yú fēng] for Vestas, delivering the brand's diligence and passion with strong Chinese cultural connotations.


With revenues exponentially rising, Vestas is the world’s leading and most global producer of wind turbines and energy ingenuity for over thirty years.

In English, Vestas’ tagline is, “Wind. It means the world to us.” In order to communicate Vestas’ promise and services to the Chinese market, a Chinese tagline is needed. The challenges is how to create a tagline that is memorable for consumers yet carrying strong meaning which reflects Vestas brand attribute.


We created the Chinese tagline, 业精于风 [yè jīng yú fēng]. This phrase is a variation of the well-known Chinese saying, 业精于勤 [yè jīng yú qín], meaning “excellence in knowledge comes from diligence.” By changing 勤 [qín] into 风 [fēng], our tagline combines Vestas’ message of its specialized passion for wind with strong Chinese cultural connotations. 

By synthesizing Vestas’ attributes with a Chinese saying, the company now has a memorable tagline to attract its customers toward one of the most important energy discoveries of our time: wind.