Verkor Brand Name Creation

VERKOR is a young French industrial company set to amplify battery cell production in Europe with a GigaFactory. With the support InnoEnergy, Schneider Electric and others, the new venture holds the ambition to accelerate the production capacity of low-carbon batteries in southern Europe to meet the growing demand for electric vehicles and stationary storage.

With electromobility and renewable electricity production regarded worldwide as climate-friendly models for the future, the electric vehicle market has been rising for the last years and is set to explode over the next years to an estimated market share of 60% by 2030.

To support the launch and installation of this project, the company commissioned Labbrand to assist in the creation of a brand name conveying an aspirational, disruptive and flagship identity.

VERKOR Giga Factory (Source: VERKOR)

Through in-depth interviews with the agile Verkor team, Labbrand project team immersed themselves in the brand’s culture and formulated the overarching creative strategy for the development of brand naming. The team took 4 interviews with VERKOR's core team to collect insights and verbatims on the brand mission, vision and values. A competitor brand name overview was followed to map out competitors’ names in terms of semantic constructions and evocations. The team then held a co-creative workshop, to explore preferred routes and develop specific business names. The team then shortlisted preferred names across 4 creative territories: Energy that spreads; Heart of autonomy; Strength and power; An open purer world. 

Verkor Innovation Center
VERKOR Innovation Center (Source: VERKOR)

LABBRAND created the name VERKOR. The name is built from “vert” meaning green in French and “core” to evoke the cells and the concentration of energy. The name is also directly inspired by the French mountains Vercors and
refers to nature and environment, and therefore stating and promoting French origin with a strong green and territorial meaning. The projected image of mountains conveys solidity, elevation and status. Overall sounding is sharp and impactful to echo with the willingness to act “right here, right now” for a better future for mobility. The name positions as a charismatic platform to carry a disruptive internationally impactful project. Differentiating from competing actors, it has the power to stand out and create real influence within the category and the conversation on cleanTech.


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