Verkor Brand Name Creation

Verkor, a young French industrial company, embarked on a brand name creation project to establish a GigaFactory and amplify battery cell production in Europe. With the aim to meet the rising demand for electric vehicles and stationary storage, Verkor partnered with InnoEnergy, Schneider Electric, and other supporters. To effectively launch and install the project, Verkor sought the assistance of Labbrand in creating a brand name that would embody an aspirational, disruptive, and flagship identity.


Verkor faced the challenge of developing a compelling brand identity for its battery cell production venture. It required a brand name that would reflect its ambitious and innovative nature while resonating with the growing market for electric vehicles and renewable energy solutions.

VERKOR Giga Factory (Source: VERKOR)


Labbrand's project team delved into Verkor's culture through in-depth interviews with the agile Verkor team. By formulating an overarching creative strategy, the team devised a plan for brand naming development. Insights on Verkor's mission, vision, and values were collected through interviews with the core team. To gain a comprehensive understanding of the competitive landscape, Labbrand conducted a competitor brand name overview. A co-creative workshop was conducted to explore preferred routes and generate specific business names. Four creative territories were identified: Energy that spreads, Heart of autonomy, Strength and power, and An open purer world.

Verkor Innovation Center
VERKOR Innovation Center (Source: VERKOR)


Labbrand successfully created the brand name "Verkor" as a result of the brand name creation project. The name incorporates the French word "vert," meaning green, and "core" to evoke the cells and energy concentration. Additionally, it draws inspiration from the French mountains Vercors, symbolizing nature and the environment. The brand name highlights Verkor's strong French origin and emphasizes its commitment to green practices. The imagery of mountains signifies solidity, elevation, and status. The name possesses a sharp and impactful sound, aligning with Verkor's vision of taking immediate action for a better future in mobility. Positioned as a charismatic platform, Verkor differentiates itself from competitors and holds the potential to make a significant impact within the cleanTech industry. The chosen brand name effectively captures Verkor's aspirational, disruptive, and flagship identity, setting the stage for the company's success in the market.


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