The Fragrance Bar Experience

Labbrand creates 2 different iPad applications for Sephora in-store use, allowing the increase of sales conversion.


Sephora is the world’s leading chain of cosmetics stores and one of the most important divisions of the LVMH luxury conglomerates. The brand operates over 1,300 shops in 17 countries including more than 120 retail locations in China.

While sales of cosmetics and beauty products have been booming, fine fragrances are still lagging in mainland China as a product category. In order to jumpstart sales of fine fragrances in the world’s largest Sephora flagship store in Shanghai, Sephora sought to create an original in-store digital involvement and commissioned Labbrand to create such an experience.


We identified 2 major issues that hampered the development of the fragrance market in China. For one, Chinese consumers do not perceive scents as a potential vector of emotions. Also, Chinese consumers have trouble linking fragrances to concrete benefits and occasions, often leading them to forgo purchase.

To address these 2 issues, we created 2 different iPad applications for in-store use. The first one is based on the idea of “Memorable Scents” that allows customers to interact with emotion-charged scents. The other one is based on the idea of “Key Life Occasions” that allows customers to find their perfect fragrance for dating, work, going out and gifting. Customers could then obtain product information directly through the application and share their result by email or through Sina Weibo.

Both applications are linked to perfume diffusers that allow customers to directly experience different scents and fragrances, thus increasing the chances of sales conversion.

Sephora's The Fragrance Bar experience
Sephora's The Fragrance Bar experience
Sephora's The Fragrance Bar experience
Sephora's The Fragrance Bar experience


Acting as global project coordinator, we leveraged our expertise in customer insights, visual identity and digital to refine the concepts, draw up the content of the applications and design the final interface. The process included semiotic research and focus group sessions to better understand Chinese consumers’ experience with and perception of fine fragrances. Final technical development was conducted by partner company Mobile Now under Labbrand’s coordination.