Brand Positioning

Labbrand helped Schindler to generate new value propositions through a 3-phase project, ensuring a leading position with a strong customer relationship.


The Schindler Group is the largest supplier of escalators and the second largest manufacturer of elevators worldwide. It has around 43,000 employees and its operations span all five continents over 140 countries. Schindler designs, installs, services and modernizes transport systems for almost every building type worldwide. Globally, Schindler equipment moves 1 billion people per day.

Schindler had established a successful sales network in China, but over the years, the company had observed a declining customer retention rate. Thus, the management came to Labbrand to obtain an in-depth understanding of the situation and evaluate their current business model so that a reactive strategy could be formulated and implemented in time.


We conducted a 3-phase project consisting of market survey, strategic analysis, and implementation in close collaboration with the client. We used quantitative market research to collect data on needs and perceptions of the company’s existing and lost customers. Qualitative methods including interviews and focus groups with both internal and external stakeholders were used to first identify key issues. We then used sophisticated survey design techniques in order to filter and facilitate the identification of decision makers as well as influencers. We performed advanced statistical analysis such as cluster analysis to identify different customer segments and further refined the results by using NPS, Net Promoter Score, to accurately measure the loyalty of each customer segment.

The actionable insights generated directly facilitated the evaluation of pricing, one of the key issues under investigation and the formulation of new value propositions targeting different types of customer segments in line with the company’s objective of customer relationship management.


Today, Schindler China proudly communicates its after-sales service approach. “Our vision is to achieve market leadership through providing exceptional value to our customers. In addition to providing competitive products, we must deliver industry leading services and world-class customer care.” (