Brand Localization

ROCA is a 100-year old bathroom brand originating from Barcelona, Spain. Its commercial network spreads over 135 countries. Faced with strong global competitors like KOHLER and TOTO, and with cost-effective local companies emerging, ROCA sought to localize its brand image and heighten its brand awareness in China.

It was key to first gain a macro-understanding of the sanitary industry and competitive landscape; Understanding the desired perception of its products from target consumers to drive the purchase intention of Roca products; Consolidating Roca’s brand message and creating a brand positioning supported by key visuals to appeal to the Chinese market; Creating a compelling slogan to launch nationwide campaigns for its intelligent product line, “ALBA”.

Roca toilet. (Source: Roca)

Insights about industry trends, target customers and the competitive landscape were gathered to define a brand positioning for Roca to guide all future communications and behaviours, including Roca’s brand key visual and Chinese campaign slogan for “Alba”.

By analyzing the industry, the customers and the competitors through desk research, leveraging both internal and external resources,  market opportunities were identified. What was unveiled through the research was that customers want more than just bathroom products. 
The bathroom is where they release tension, emotions, and experience important moments in life and reveal their true self. They need a place to feel secure safe and cared for.

We explored carefully each territory’s potential by considering Roca’s brand essence in comparison to its competition.
From there we were able to develop the brand positioning direction: to become an industry pioneer.

Roca toilet. (Source: Roca)

By digging into Roca’s design philosophy in this positioning, the target customer, value proposition and brand values were further identified.

Following our insights into the market, the brand key visual for ROCA was created. Behind this Key Visual stands the creative idea, “Personal treatment”. It translates well into the key strategy point of “authenticity” and to a direct “skin to skin” contact with the ceramic, allowing the bathroom to play a role that presents people with sensorial pleasure the moment people come in touch with the product.

The new Key Visual design showcases the bathroom product making its function intuitive, offering people the immersion with simple touches, as a personal treatment for the body and soul.


With these insights, we identified an opportunity space for ROCA, which is to build emotional bonding with its target consumers. 

Final recommendations were made after taking into account the linguistic check results in terms of readability, sound, memorability, uniqueness and overall evaluation. 

The Chinese slogan “慧心·悦享 “ [huì xīn yuè xiǎng]  is a very graceful tagline with symmetric wording structure: 慧心 [huì xīn] refers to the intelligent functionality and the considerate care, while 悦享 [yuè xiǎng] can be understood as enjoying the comfortable, pleasant bathroom space.