QUORN Brand Repositioning and Activation

Labbrand assisted Quorn, a meatless food brand, in overcoming low receptivity in Asian markets and repositioning the brand. Through market localization and the REACT methodology, Labbrand developed a brand positioning and communication strategy for Quorn's expansion into the RTE meals category.


Quorn encountered low receptivity in Asian markets due to the prevalent belief that healthy food sacrifices taste. Additionally, the brand faced challenges associated with frozen food and RTE meals, which were often perceived as unhealthy and as a last resort option.

Quorn Pieces (Source: Quorn Singapore)
Quorn fhisless fingers (Source: Quorn Singapore)


We take the REACT (Recalibrate, Engage, Analyze, Crystalize, Test) methodology to tackle the project, to find out the positioning of the brand and shed light on the way to activate the Quorn Brand: 

Recalibrate: Desktop research & Semiotic Analysis

We decode the elements in the elements in communication for FMCG and adjacent categories (e.g. consumer foodservice), which portray "the theme" for a more informed decision on food packaging design and brand communication.

Engage, Analyze, Crystalize: Online Food Diary & Communities + Trendsetters Ideation Workshop + Brand Name  Creation

Through this process, we validate the hypotheses derived from desk research with consumers and further deep dive into the U&A, benefits and pain points of frozen & RTE meals consumption. We are then able to enrich brand identity and expression with materials inputs from TA. We also co-create the brand name and packaging design of the ideal Asian RTE that would be attractive to this segment of consumers. 


“Labbrand is by far one of the best agencies which I’ve worked with. With extremely innovative research methodology and remarkably insightful reporting, the output which Labbrand provided us with is clear consumer insights which played a huge role in helping us to steer our brand positioning and message in the right direction. The team has also among the most passionate and dedicated people whom I’ve worked with and it has been a breeze working with them. Engaging Labbrand’s expertise is definitely a worthy investment and an integral element for our project.” 

Hazel Koh
Regional Brand Manager, Quorn


Labbrand created a new logo for Quorn, featuring the strapline "Made with Mycoprotein" to shift associations away from bland taste and highlight the nutritional benefits. Quorn's brand vision of creating a "World of Good" remained intact while empowering Asian consumers to make positive changes for themselves, their families, and the environment.

This showcases Labbrand's successful efforts in repositioning and activating the Quorn brand, addressing challenges in the Asian market and enhancing consumer appeal.