PHIDEON Bilingual Brand Name Creation

Labbrand created the alphabetic and Chinese names PHIDEON 辉昂 for Volkswagen’s new luxury offering.


Coming to 2010s, with the fast growth of Chinese luxury consuming economy, world’s leading automotive manufacturer Volkswagen aims to broaden its market share in high-end car segment by launching a new type of luxury limousine, precisely targeting China's style-conscious consumers.


This model’s main target – Chinese traditional wealthy class – have their unique culture patterns: they seek for a symbol of status but also values practicability; they display strong traditionally Chinese characteristics but also want to keep up with international trends… How to capture their needs and impress them?

Moreover, Volkswagen’s new luxury offering maintains certain association with a previous high-end model, PHAETON. What kind of relationship should this new model establish with PHAETON, and in which way?


With these challenges in mind, Labbrand took a strategic approach and created the verbal identity PHIDEON 辉昂 [huī áng].

The alphabetic name PHIDEON derives from Fidēs, the goddess of trust from Roman mythology, evoking reliability, prestige and aesthetics. It maintains a certain linkage with PHAETON, borrowing its brand awareness and high-end association.

In the meanwhile, with 辉 [huī] meaning glow and splendid and 昂 [áng] high and rise, the Chinese name 辉昂 as a whole conveys honor, dynamism and high status, giving a sense of grandeur, foresight and optimism. Also maintaining linkage with PHAETON’s Chinese name 辉腾 [huī téng], it additionally shares obvious phonetic link with the alphabetic name PHIDEON.

Overall, the verbal identity PHIDEON 辉昂 created by our naming experts perfectly fulfills the client’s needs: it fits well in Volkswagen’s global nomenclature while balances a close relationship with the precedent luxury model, at the same time resonating with its target consumers’ emotional needs.