Customer Insights Research

Labbrand helped Oriflame obtain customer insights through a series of research, strengthening the brand relevance to beauty.


Oriflame is one of the fastest growing Swedish beauty companies, selling its products to over 60 countries. One of Oriflame’s biggest brands in the company’s skincare portfolio is “Optimals.” In late 2013, Optimals re-launched into the global market in an attempt to keep its consumer-base while attracting new ones.

Oriflame needed to understand how consumers perceive “beauty” and what type of expectations and emotions are evoked by “beauty” in China.  This insight will help Oriflame align their brand marketing activities. 


Partnering with Oriflame, we conducted research to find out how Chinese perceive beauty and the feelings beauty brands evoke. To take it a step further, we evaluated product ideas through concept tests, catalogue layouts and packaging. Skincare is conventionally perceived of as a way to maintain skin health and delay the aging process. We also searched for the root of this perception by examining the key attributes of skincare. Based on feedback we received, we analyzed the Optimals brand from the consumer’s perspective to leverage the most influential themes of brand marketing. Playing to the strengths of skincare, Oriflame is closer to representing beauty as its consumers conceptualize it.