OPPLE Visual Identity Creation

Labbrand helped OPPLE to optimize its visual identity to facilitate its global expansion.


Founded in 1996, OPPLE Lighting is the largest Chinese lighting company with annual sales exceeding USD 550 million. The firm's sales and service cover over 50 countries with over 30,000 sales outlets, with a diversified product portfolio ranging from consumer to professional products and from conventional to LED solutions.

OPPLE Lighting has reached a turning point in its evolution as an organization and as a brand. The objective was to have a consistent and sophisticated visual identity to reflect the brand value and applicable in all of its global markets including key European countries, the Middle East and India.


We looked into OPPLE Lighting’s key brand values as an inspiration for its global visual identity. Inspired by building facades, the visual language concept is a flexible grid system of windows, designed for versatility in application. The flexible grid system provides multiple image and content combination possibilities, offering a dynamic view to the products and services. It symbolizes OPPLE’s products and services across various sectors, connecting to the core mission to bring good light to everyone and improve the quality of life.

The grid system can be used crossed different global markets and applications. With clean and sophisticated traits, it helps OPPLE Lighting establish a global brand image.

OPPLE visual identity application - stationery and collateral
OPPLE visual identity application - brand brochure
OPPLE visual identity application - brand leaflet
OPPLE visual identity application - packaging design
OPPLE visual identity application - store space design

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