Kinder Tronky Chinese Naming

Kinder Tronky Chinese Naming


In 2022, Ferrero China launched 3 new products in China market. Among which, Kinder Tronky is one of the most important products as it has been uniquely designed for China. With the customized taste, new packaging design, new Chinese name, you won’t find it elsewhere. It truly symbolizes the strategic innovation in China of Ferrero Group.


Tronky is a wafer with a long-lasting and delightful cocoa and hazelnut taste, delivering a delicious multi-sensorial taste experience in a light way. It’s crispy outside and fulfilling inside, with the shape like a tree trunk that fits well with the alphabetic name “Tronky”. However, Tronky is difficult for Chinese consumers to pronounce and recall. It’s important to create a vivid and understandable Chinese name that truly reflects the selling points of the product.


After a thorough understanding of consumer test result and analysis of the current competitive landscape of the snack industry, we shortlisted names under different creative directions. Finally, 轻脆怡 [qīng cuì yí] stood out and became the official name for Tronky. It’s highly readable with a delightful tone. 轻脆 [qīng cuì] stands for the light & crispy wafer shell for the product. Meanwhile, by sharing the same sound with清脆 [qīng cuì] (clear and melodious), it vividly depicts the enjoyable moment of having a crunchy biscuit. 怡[yí] at the end well expresses the emotional benefit of “light sweetness in every bite”.


轻脆怡 [qīng cuì yí] has been applied to a variety of online and offline touchpoints, including the official Chinese website of Kinder, Weibo, RED, and major E-commerce platforms like Tmall and JD.COM. It helps to facilitate market communication and business growth.

Labbrand has been our long-time strategic naming partner. Among 10+ projects during our past collaboration, Kinder Tronky has been a challenging Chinese naming case. We have different consumer groups to cater to, multiple product strengths to emphasize, trademark registration issues, etc.

Now we are glad to land on this final name solution 健达轻脆怡 [jiàn dá qīng cuì yí], it’s proven to be ideal and successful. We look forward to launching more products in China market soon with the best-in-class service provided by Labbrand along the journey.

Julie Xin
Innovation Head, Ferrero China

We are proud to bring the Chinese name of Kinder Tronky to life. And more importantly, to be engaged in the strategic brand development of Ferrero China with our 17 years of experience and expertise.

Alva Lv
Associate Director, Verbal Branding Strategy, Labbrand