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Labbrand creates the Alphabetic and Chinese names for RENAULT’s new crossover model with the ambition of agility and energy.


RENAULT is a French multinational automobile manufacturer established in 1899. The company produces a diversified series of cars with a big market share in Europe.

From early 2010s, the “crossover” type of car started to become popular with catchy appearance, excellent on-road performance and especially the great adaptation ability to city environment. This is where RENAULT wants to target: a crossover without sacrifice between beauty and practicality, satisfying both individual pleasure and family needs. Meanwhile, it will be the first RENAULT model manufactured in China for the Chinese market. RENAULT needs a name for this new model to indicate both beauty and usability, with a Chinese name that quickly resonate with the Chinese consumers and leave strong impression in their mind.


Labbrand helps RENAULT to create the Alphabetic name KADJAR. Phonetically, the name is very robust and sonorous, with K and DJ sounding agile and energetic, evoking masculinity and functional usability. It also creates certain linkage with the existed models’ names KOLEOS, CAPTUR, forming a consistent nomenclature for Renault SUV family.


KADJAR is the first Renault model that is produced locally in China for the Chinese market. The Chinese name is indeed important for catching the impression. Labbrand creates the Chinese name 科雷嘉 [kē léi jiā], phonetically corresponds to KADJAR on every syllable. Meanwhile, it leverages on RENAULT’s most popular model’s name KOLEOS 科雷傲 [kē léi ào], appearing familiar to Chinese consumers by great readability and fluent sound, which helps the model to achieve big recognition within a short time.

The name KADJAR carries a sense of surprise; people are not indifferent to it. It fits with the vehicle positioning and the vehicle personality.

Cécile Mandonnet-Dupic
Naming Manager at Renault