Brand Creation

Labbrand helped Club Med bring this new definition of luxury to China and go extra miles to create an authentic brand—JOYVIEW BY CLUB MED.

Club Med is a French resort chain operating in 30 countries around the world. Club Med finds that Chinese middle and high-class holiday travelers have shorter travel time than travelers in other nations. They also have better insights and value on freedom and life quality than the older generations of travelers. Club Med plans to focus on meeting the needs of those Chinese customers while avoiding diluting its brand essence. Therefore, a new brand called Joyview is launched especially for the Chinese market.

To avoid diluting the brand essence of Club Med. Club Med has built resorts in Yabuli, Dong Ao Island and Guilin in China. Club Med wants to create a more flexible new brand and avoid diluting its mother brand essence. The new brand should have no overlap with its mother brand to avoid competition between brands.

Based on the core brand attributes and positioning, we created a new brand called Joyview by ClubMed, including its English name and Chinese name 宜境 [yí jìng]. Both the English and Chinese brand name contain the meaning of pleasant and relaxing, combining the authentic nature and the friendly ambiance. When people read about it, the image of a “precious landscape” will jump into their vision from the text, and make them longing for the trip, that’s the magic we give to this new brand.

In order to provide a premium short holiday experience, we implemented a new hospitality concept “COLOR YOUR LIFE WITH COLORS OF NATURE”, embodying it in every design element throughout the whole customer experience journey. The identity design includes brand signature, VI system, restaurant identity and other brand application, for discerning travelers seeking an escape in nature, with a unique French touch from Club Med.

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