Chinese Brand Name Creation

Labbrand successfully created Chinese name and Chinese jingle for Haribo to enter China market, helped the brand create a strong presence in a new market.

Haribo is a German confectionery company, founded in 1920 by Johannes Riegel Sr.  It is one of the biggest manufacturers of gummi and jelly sweets in the world, with its products mainly consisting of Gummi Bears, other jelly sweets and liquorice. 

The Challenge

Haribo was entering China, and increasingly emphasizes the business expansion. In order to be easily identified by its target consumers in China marketplace, Haribo needs a proper Chinese name and tagline for China market.

Our Solutions

According to needs of Haribo, Labbrand created Chinese name and Chinese Jingle for Haribo to enter China market. 

Labbrand created Chinese name 哈瑞宝 [hā ruì bǎo] for Haribo, a name delivers the meaning of laughter, auspicious, treasure. The Chinese name shared perfect phonetic similarity with Haribo, and gave off an approachable, cheerful and friendly feeling.

Since 2012, Labbrand has been working closely with HARIBO to validate and create over 20 Chinese names for its brand and products, as well as for the tagline and Jingle of the Haribo brand. Chinese names 萌桃仔 [méng táo zǎi] for Peaches, 趣缤纷 [qù bīn fēn] for Supa Mix and 甜莓狂想 [tián méi kuáng xiǎng] for Berry Dream were amongst the first new releases from the brand.


Besides the product names, Labbrand also created the Chinese tagline of HARIBO’s signature jingles – “Kids and grown-ups love it so, the happy world of HARIBO” – to help the brand better communicate with its Chinese audience. The Chinese brand tagline “大人小孩都说好, 快乐品尝哈瑞宝 [dà rén xiǎo hái dōu shuō hǎo, kuài lè pǐn cháng hā ruì bǎo]” can be translated as “grownups and kids all say it’s good, and happily enjoy HARIBO”, which is straight-forward, rhythmic, as well as easy to read and remember. The two-part structure, each ending with the same rhyming syllable [ǎo], makes the tagline melodic, attractive and unforgettable. The simple and memorable Chinese tagline stays true to the original English jingles.

We have been working with Labbrand since years thanks to their deep knowledge of our branding needs and Naming expertise. The creativity, professionalism and accessibility of the team at Labbrand are amongst the things that stand-out and underlines our smooth and inspiring collaboration. We are very happy to see the fruits of our team work being present in the Chinese market. We look forward to further collaborations in years to come!” said Lillian Chen, Marketing Manager of HARIBO China.

Lillian Chen
Marketing Manager of HARIBO China

It was a pleasure to work with HARIBO to explore the great candy kingdom. For us it is also an exciting adventure to try different flavors and craft the linguistic expressions for more than 20 products. We sincerely hope the names can send happiness to every Chinese family together with HARIBO’s sweet treats, and we invite every Chinese consumer to discover the magic of HARIBO. You will love it!

Judy Wang
Associate Creative Director at Labbrand


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