Leo Brand Repositioning

The brand repositioning by Labbrand for Leo allows Leo to blossom into the leading brand of snacks worldwide.


Founded in 1990, GarudaFood is one of Indonesia’s largest food conglomerates with top-selling products such as biscuits, chocolates, peanuts and savory snacks. Its chips and crisps brand, Leo, is one of the most important brands in GarudaFood’s portfolio.

Previously targeted to kids and teenagers, the popularity of Leo made GarudaFood want to make the Leo brand a global umbrella brand for its entire snack business. Therefore, GarudaFood needed to analyze market dynamics, audit competitors’ strategies and create a new strategy that would make Leo a competitive brand across country lines. 


We first conducted market research in order to fulfill GarudaFood’s request. We examined the primary and secondary markets of the Leo brand to examine several ways GarudaFood might reposition Leo. After analyzing the accumulated market research, Labbrand and GarudaFood set out to develop a brand repositioning for Leo. Such a brand change would allow Leo to reach new age-ranges, new consumers, and new countries. Through in-depth research and careful development, the Leo brand will blossom into the leading brand of snacks worldwide.