Packaging Design

With calm and scientific design, and a community of colors, Labbrand designed new packaging for Evorie to meet its new business focus and engage with its consumers.


Evorie, rebranded from the well-known baby care brand IvoryBaby, needs a new visual identity as well as new packaging to attract post 80s mothers in China. The new packaging not only needs to create ties with its past designs to leverage previous brand recognitions, but also to reflect the brand’s business shift to an equal focus on baby care and maternal care products, and more importantly to engage with the young mums.

How to leverage the previous IvoryBaby’s design and visual elements to help promote Evorie? How should the packaging design reflect the new brand direction? How to create a consistent product packaging system that is applicable to both baby care and mother care product categories? We brought these questions into our strategic exploration.


Labbrand began the project by understanding the needs of its target consumers: the post 80s mums in China. Labbrand conducted pioneering semiotics research to understand the current design codes used by competitors and what these codes express in terms of brand attribute.

Based on the semiotics framework, Labbrand looked into Evorie’s core brand value of being safe and assured to create the new brand signature and product packaging.


One of the major design changes is to move away from the previous magical and playful design style to a more harmonious and calm setting that’s in tune with the target audience. The post 80s mums are interested in good quality products that are made with safe materials. The design must reflect these key insights and portray a more scientific and sophisticated image.


To create a familiarity with the old packaging, we decided to keep the ‘Mother and Baby’ element in previous IvoryBaby designs. Labbrand iconified this symbol and included it in the new Evorie product packaging so consumers can recognize the brand despite the name change. The new ‘Mother and Baby’ will be more modern and aligned to the new packaging design.

Evorie brand signature design
Icons design for Evorie packaing
Evorie packaging design
Evorie packaging design


The old product packaging does not have a clear system to distinguish different product categories. With Evorie expanding into maternal care as well, we adopted a new community of colors to identify different product categories and adjust accordingly to industry rules and regulations.


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