Brand Identity Creation

Labbrand helps Eurest, a catering company owned by the Compass Group, develop visual identity applications.


Eurest Services is a catering company owned by the Compass Group, operating in 80 countries. Eurest canteens are present in international schools, office buildings, manufacturing facilities, and other locations throughout China.

Eurest needed a consistent and engaging brand image to foster brand loyalty in order to maintain their competitive edge in the Chinese market. Moreover, the VI needed to appear playful, colorful and light for students in international schools, at the same time modern and professional to also appeal to teachers and parents.


Our creative team helped Eurest develop visual identity applications including logos, menu boards, wall decorations, posters, signs etc. Moreover, we also provided detailed specifications for the printing and production of these items to enable smooth implementation in the facilities. 

The new VI system is young, fresh and playful, showcasing both sophistication and variety. The dynamic visuals have helped Eurest stand out from the competition and appeal to their audience in international schools.