Brand Innovation Research

Labbrand took a fresh look at the condom category in China to help Durex generate innovative ideas and concepts for the brand future.


Founded in 1915, Durex, which stands for Durability, Reliability, Excellence, is one of the most popular condom brands in the world. Its products are made and distributed globally through about 17 facilities strategically scattered across the globe.


The sexual revolution in China is progressing rapidly. For Durex, the condom market in China has great potential. To address the needs and trends of Chinese condom users, Durex needs to develop innovative concepts for a new launch in China.


In order to prepare for the launch, we conducted innovation workshop with Durex to create new products for the Chinese market. We took a fresh look at the condom category in China through the eyes of experts and consumers who provided key insights about the cultural roots and consumer behavior, as well as industry trends. Based on the findings, we designed co-creation exercises and developed innovative ideas and concepts. Top product concepts were then selected for further testing. With our cultural and innovative approaches, we were able to provide actionable result for Durex to develop into the next stage.