Dodie Brand Packaging Rejuvenation: Embracing Cherished Moments

Dodie Brand Packaging Rejuvenation: Embracing Bespoke Softness

Dodie, a renowned French baby care brand with over 60 years of expertise, embarked on a brand packaging rejuvenation project to create an authentic and distinctive expression of bespoke softness. By leveraging its French origin and introducing the ambassador of softness, Valentin the Rabbit, Dodie aimed to connect with a younger generation of mothers. The holistic design strategy focused on showcasing Dodie's brand elements, including supreme quality, French style and spirit, and softness, through a new visual language and architecture.


Premiumization is a dominant trend in the diapers category, with emerging niche brands on the rise. E-commerce channels are developing rapidly, while maternity and baby-care outlets remain the main offline channels. However, past iterations of Dodie product packaging have followed a conventional mindset, lacking the presence of the French DNA and failing to consistently communicate the brand's core value of softness.

To address these shortcomings, there is a need to define a holistic approach and direction for evolving all current and future product lines, ensuring a whole and consistent visual language and architecture that aligns with the trend towards premiumization and effectively communicates the essence of Dodie's supreme quality baby care products.

Dodie Brand Packaging Rejuvenation: Embracing Cherished Moments


1. Definning Brand Authenticity in the Era of Premiumization

Opportunity to amplify on current brand values and product intrinsic role in the parenthood experience. Dodie—enabling those cherished moments of interactions together between parents and their children. 

2. Creating an Authentic and Ownable Expression on Bespoke Softness in the Market

The Dodie French Style and Spirit Owning the French Origin through the Brand’s radiant, positive spirit. Form new narratives and content experiences through meaningful associations arising from the Brand DNA. That communicates Dodie’s value preposition on Bespoke Softness, to evolve the product experience with perspective to the younger generation of moms.

3. Delivering a Holistic product Experience across the Portfolio and with Distinction amongst Product Lines

The Dodie Spirit - communicating the rich preposition of Bespoke Softness (Product Intrinsic + Cherished Moments) and French essence, with perspective to retail and EC channels as a superior solution.

Be My Valentin - Brand Iconicity Reimagined.

Deliver authenticity with distinction in the market through Dodie’s equity and establishment of a Brand IP. Lead by becoming the catégorie benchmark.


Thank you Labbrand team for all the love and efforts put into Dodie! You’ve created a masterpiece and it really adds value to how the brand performs in the market.

Regina Xu
Marketing Director of Dodie H&H Group


With the introduction of a new visual language and architecture featuring Valentin the Rabbit as the IP anchor point, Dodie's brand packaging rejuvenation project has successfully brought the brand's core elements to life : supreme quality, French style and spirit, and softness. 

The results of this endeavor have been remarkable. Dodie's market share in the ultra-high-end diaper segment has experienced a significant increase of 7%. Moreover, the brand has achieved a remarkable YoY revenue growth of 16.9%, signaling the positive reception and demand for Dodie's revamped packaging and enhanced brand identity. By tapping into the premiumization trend and effectively communicating the brand's essence, Dodie has successfully positioned itself as a leading player in the competitive market.