Alphabetic Name Creation and Visual Identity Design

Labbrand helped Groupe PSA with the alphabetic name creation and visual identity design for the brand DISTRIGO.

Groupe PSA is the leader in both the construction of excellent vehicles and the provider of innovative mobility solutions. The vision of Groupe PSA is to become a benchmark automotive manufacturer and supplier of mobility solutions, to enrich the freedom of movement of our customers every day, all over the world.

As part of the development of the secondary market, Groupe PSA, the French automobile company (which owns the Peugeot, Citroën and DS car brands), is launching a new multi-brand spare parts distribution service around the world.



Labbrand created the alphabetic name and visual identity for the new service. The aim was to communicate the attributes of the brand in a simple and easy style. Labbrand created the brand name ‘DISTRIGO’. Combining the alphabetic descriptive part ‘distri’ (of the distribution) and the English word ‘GO’, DISTRIGO is customer-centric and reflects the offering of the brand: speed and movement. The name is also easy to rhyme and memorise.


The visual identity was developed around the idea of ​​network, connection and interaction between the brand, suppliers, distributors and repair shops. Its modern and technological oriented, which echoes the image of an electrical circuit, anchors the service in an efficient and interactive distribution approach in the 21st century.

The font and color coding are in line with the group's activities in other markets, while perfectly reflecting simplicity and dynamics.