Linking Stars, Connecting Brilliance

Labbrand creates the Chinese name and visual identity for Constellations, a shanghai based strategic consultancy.


Constellations is a Shanghai based strategic consultancy specializing in advisory, concept development and management across sectors, disciplines and cultures in relation to cities. The company has developed a focus on environmental, cultural, social and educational fields and is committed to projects with ethical value.

Constellations was looking for a suitable brand visual identity as well as a Chinese brand name to reflect their brand attributes and give a fresh and dynamic connotation. The visual and verbal identities were to echo with the concept in the English brand name as well as the company value. 


The original name of Constellations means a group of stars forming a design in the sky, while metaphorically it conveys an assemblage of excellences. We integrated this concept into the creation of the Chinese name, trying to bring out the key brand messages of “crossing spheres & linking ideas”. After two rounds of creative sessions, Constellations’ Chinese brand name was finalized as 策联达 [cè lián dá]. 

We incorporated the star shape and fresh, dynamic colors in the visual identity design. The VI system includes the design of logotype, brand color system, stationary, promotional items and website. 

The Chinese name and the visual identity of Constellations paint a picture of linked stars and connected brilliance.