Carom Name Creation

Carom - Redefining Social App Experiences through Brand Name Creation

This case study explores the journey of creating a distinctive brand name for a social app that aimed to revolutionize social interactions and networking among successful professionals. The challenge was to develop an inspiring and impactful brand identity that would resonate with the target audience and stand out in the competitive social app market. The chosen name, Carom, successfully encapsulated the brand's purpose and values, resulting in a dynamic and engaging app experience.


The project's objective was to create a social app that would provide a platform for like-minded professionals to connect and enhance their social lives. The challenge was to develop a brand name that would differentiate the app in a crowded market and effectively convey its value proposition to potential users.


After holding stakeholders’ interviews, including rational and emotional questions to start projecting, and an analysis of the current competitive landscape of social apps, a selection of names were put forward. The name Carom stood out and was ultimately chosen for the app.

Carom (/ˈkæɹəm/), in billiard, is a type of shot – the ball comes in contact with two or more balls on the table. This name shows the brand’s purpose: events to create new relationships. Carom is inspirational and energetic, short and impactful, and able to make an impression through its dynamic rhythm.

The Carom app is available for iOS and Android (Carom website)
The Carom app is available for iOS and Android (Carom website)


Carom, the social app, was launched in October 2022, providing a platform for professionals to connect and create valuable experiences with like-minded individuals. The chosen brand name effectively communicated the app's purpose and resonated with the target audience. Carom successfully stood out in the competitive market and garnered attention for its unique approach to social networking. The app is available on iOS and Android platforms, and its mission to connect professionals and enrich their social lives continues to thrive.

An experience-based app for like-minded individuals (Carom website)
An experience-based app for like-minded individuals (Carom website)

We wanted a premium name, recognizable internationally, memorable and available.

What I liked about the naming process was the different universes explored, the propositions suggested after the legal check, and the fact that structure of the process (it was like a funnel: brainstorm, check, refine…)

The name is the heart of the brand’s identity, it’s what unites people around the brand. I made the right choice, working with you!

Carom’s founder