Chinese Brand Name Creation

Labbrand created the Chinese name 必维 [bì wéi] for Bureau Veritas, unifying the brand identity with integrity and strength in Chinese market.


Bureau Veritas, a global leader in Testing, Inspection and Certification, delivers high quality services to help clients meet the growing challenges of quality, safety, health, environment protection and social responsibility. The services are organized under 8 business lines: Marine, Industry, In-service Inspection and Verification, Construction, Certification, Consumer products, Commodity, Government Services and International Trade. Currently, Bureau Veritas operates in more than 140 countries with 59,000 employees in 940 offices and 340 laboratories.

Bureau Veritas used to have several unofficial Chinese names which caused confusion. Consumers and stakeholders cannot appreciate Bureau Veritas’ core brand value, identity and attributes. Our objective was to express the unified strength of Bureau Veritas’ four business units under a single brand identity that represents the company expertise and reflects a prestigious international group image in Greater China.


We created 必维 [bì wéi] for Bureau Veritas, a Chinese name that is simple, memorable, and engaging. In China, Bureau Veritas is often referred to as BV, thus, 必维 [bì wéi] seamlessly combines the concepts of competence (必), security (必) and protection (维) in a prestigious and phonetically pleasant Chinese brand name that closely resembles the original one. The naming process was complemented by comprehensive qualitative research, including legal check, linguistic checks and competitor naming analysis. 

On one hand, 必维 [bì wéi] increases cohesiveness among employees and stakeholders. On the other hand, the name builds a consistent brand image and strengthens Bureau Veritas in China. With a unified and relevant Chinese name, Bureau Veritas presents to China a world of integrity and confidence. 


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