Brand Website Creation


In an overwhelmingly complex landscape like China, how can a local OEM build a strong brand? Competing against well-established players forces newcomers to propose something new and memorable.

AXENT knows about this challenge firsthand. Born from an OEM model, AXENT combines its innovative Chinese DNA with a strong Swiss heritage. It produces and delivers the complete bathroom, integrating nature, human behavior, intuition, wellbeing, and health into their promise.


Deriving from a simple, tactical request – revamping AXENT’s website for China – Labbrand managed to frame the client’s needs into a bigger picture:

How do we define this brand? Which brand concepts should the website design convey? What is the brand experience going to be?


We arrived at this powerful statement, that expresses the vision that AXENT would be the brand that represents the level of perfection that is only present in nature. This is true to AXENT’s essence: delivering simple yet intuitive products thanks to its deep understanding of human needs.

The website structure links back to this, as it is built for intuitive navigation: the experience and information organization is different for an architect, property manager or an individual looking to remodel their bathroom.

AXENT brand website
AXENT brand website
AXENT brand website

The dual cultural identity influenced the design strategy as well, materializing in key visual elements. We picked two complementary fonts: one that could mirror a humanistic renaissance feel, and one to convey geometrical precision. The brand colors go from black and white = simplicity, to warm greys = nature and cold greys = technology.

These elements altogether reflect AXENT’s identity: China and Switzerland, industrial and nature, technological while human.

Working with such a professional team has been an inspiration throughout the entire project, and beyond.

Imke Kastka
Digital Content Manager


Beyond the visual decisions required for the new website, we continued to work with AXENT to create a visual language that could transcend online channels but to all communication in showrooms, brochures and internally, across stakeholders and partners. We developed illustration styles for them to provide technical drawings for each product; we redesigned their iconography system for consumers to operate the products; we redefined their photography style to convey their identity when shooting products.

These strategic and visual assets were then consolidated into a Brand Book that could be handed out, sent and read to relevant audiences, sharing the story of the brand while guiding its evolution on communication and visual levels.

“Labbrand’s passionate team has helped us to not only launch a powerful website that is true to our brand philosophy, easy to navigate and simply breathtakingly beautiful; but also we worked together to develop a differentiating identity for our brand.”

Imke Kastka
Digital Content Manager