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Labbrand's Brand Name Creation: "Fu Xuan" for Nespresso's New Product Line Vertuo

Labbrand, a leading branding agency, undertook the task of brand name creation for Nespresso's latest product line, Vertuo, in China. The result was the Chinese verbal identity "Fu Xuan" [馥旋] for Vertuo, emphasizing Nespresso's commitment to the Chinese market and offering coffee enthusiasts a high-quality coffee experience in larger cups at home. Labbrand's Verbal Strategy team conducted meticulous evaluations and proposed a portfolio of Chinese names, ultimately selecting "Fu Xuan" to encapsulate the product's essence and reflect Nespresso's localization efforts.
Vertuo Coffee
Vertuo Coffee


Creating a distinctive brand name was crucial for Nespresso's Vertuo product line in the Chinese market. The challenge was to develop a Chinese verbal identity that effectively conveyed the product's unique features, such as the large capsule size and breakthrough extraction technology, while aligning with Nespresso's commitment to the local market.

Nespresso Vertuo Coffee

"This is our second in-depth collaboration with Labbrand Group in verbal branding and once again, Labbrand's mastery of branding and verbal strategy has provided us with a compelling creative solution. The creation of this new name is not only professional, but also has brought to Nespresso team a rich and unique innovative perspective that inspires our creativity. “

Nespresso Brand Team

"The Nespresso Vertuo has diverse features, of which the breakthrough extraction technology (Centrifution™) is an important manifestation of the brand's innovation, combined with the exceptional experience of aroma, which makes Fu Xuan  – carrying elegance, simplicity and modernity exuded by Nespresso’s ever-lasting charisma.

Alva Lv
Manager, Brand Verbal Strategy


Labbrand's Verbal Strategy team immersed themselves in the Vertuo product line, conducting taste tests and closely examining the coffee products at Nespresso's Shanghai office. Drawing inspiration from the large capsule size and technological innovations, Labbrand proposed a range of Chinese names. Ultimately, "Fu Xuan" [馥旋] was chosen as the Chinese brand name. The name encompasses the idea of constant aroma ("Fu"馥") and the breakthrough extraction technology ("Xuan"旋"), representing the enhancement of rich aroma through cutting-edge techniques. Instead of a typical phonetic translation, Labbrand opted for an archaic phrasal combination that resonated with Chinese culture and demonstrated Nespresso's commitment to localization.


Labbrand's brand name creation, "Fu Xuan," [馥旋] for Nespresso's Vertuo product line successfully captures the unique qualities of the products while reflecting Nespresso's localization efforts. This distinct Chinese verbal identity goes beyond a simple translation, highlighting the large capsule size, breakthrough extraction technology, and the magnification of rich aroma. By utilizing an archaic phrasal combination, Labbrand evokes imagery deeply rooted in Chinese culture, reinforcing Nespresso's position in the Chinese market. The "Fu Xuan" brand name has strengthened Nespresso's presence in China and resonated with Chinese coffee enthusiasts, showcasing the success of Labbrand's brand name creation process.


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