De-aging an Aging Brand


Sprite New Visual Identity System Packaging Design

SPRITE is one of China’s leading brands. To further enhance the connection and relevance with a new generation of consumers today, Labbrand was invited to conceptualize and support the brand rejuvenation for China. The strategic objectives are aimed at bringing SPRITE to life, de-aging an aging brand through its core label packaging experience.


Over the years, the brand has not changed and has started to appear weary and “dated” to current and would-be future audience. It is a critical time for SPRITE to make a refreshing splash and impact the category.

SPRITE new signature for China
SPRITE new signature for China


Design Strategy

Labbrand’s design strategy was to identify which of the elements from the original SPRITE visual identity system were best to be leveraged and what was to be further explored.

We explored the Sparkline as a graphic tool for creating dynamic and versatile compositions, used typography design to emphasize the brand’s truth and product variations and leverage the color of the bottle to amplify refreshment cues, by means of contrast or integration with the label design.

Creativity & Innovation

To keep the irreplaceable feeling of the natural, crisp flavor of SPRITE when drinking it right after a thirst, the instant moment of liberation and sudden hit of refreshment is expressed through utilizing visually refreshing and liberating cues(Lemon/Lime, sparkling bubbles, splashes, ice etc.) that emphasize SPRITE’s Vision and very well reflects the edgy, authentically cool and yet polished personality of SPRITE’s brand identity.     

SPRITE new signature for China
SPRITE new signature for China
SPRITE new signature for China


The new signature design successfully allows maximum flexibility for future variant extensions. Iconography communicating each flavor variant can be introduced and displayed as a clear messaging to consumers, with foresight into the adoption of a one-brand strategy. 

With the establishment of this new core packaging design, the brand creates a renewed connection with the Chinese younger generation in the modern context, and thus rejuvenates its brand image while still keeping its brand integrity.