Warmth, Friendliness and Good Sleep Everyday

LABBRAND reinvented the brand identity of 7 days Inn and developed the new ‘7’ character as well as a comprehensive visual identity system.


Since the 7 Days Inn launch in 2005, it has established itself as a pioneer and leader in the economy segment. However, in recent years, 7 Days has been facing a series of challenges that have affected the brand’s performance. To regain customer and investor trust, 7 Days decided to launch a comprehensive upgrade program encompassing operations, product and brand identity. The GIC(Global Innovation Center) of JinJiang reached out to LABBRAND for the re-creation of on 7 Days’ brand VI.

7 days Inn
LABBRAND Creates Brand Visual Identity for 7 days Inn


Through in-depth interviews, we have identified the profile and personalities of the target consumers. 7 Days is primarily targeting young generations who tend to make conscious consumption decisions. For the young generation, they prefer things simple and fast, and tend to stay away from complexity and formalism.

Based on the insights, this hotel was positioned as a comfortable hotel is not only a place to keep them safe and relaxed physically, but also a place gives them peace of mind and help them build a healthy conscious consumption mind-set.

7 days Inn
LABBRAND Creates Brand Visual Identity for 7 days Inn


In order to solve a series of existing problems of the 7 Days brand, including: lack of distinguishing brand logo, lack of attractiveness to millennial travelers, unclear value proposition, etc. LABBRAND delivered a modern re-interpretation of the logo and color palette, created a flexible suite of VI elements to bring the brand to life in different environments, along with the new interpretations of the ‘7’ character to capitalize on the brand’s greatest identity asset: it’s name.


LABBRAND help 7 Days Updating the logo and redefining the meaning of economy hotel which conveys humanistic design and great quality to target audience. we utilized a dynamic yet controlled logo for optimizing expressions and capturing diversity, without compromising brand recognizability. The design also infused humanistic, optimistic qualities that can resonate with the target audience.

7 days Inn
LABBRAND Creates Brand Visual Identity for 7 days Inn

Innovation in the economy hospitality market is a very complicated exercise. Creativity must acknowledge and compose with concrete operational challenges that are often overlooked by design agencies. With this new VI, Labbrand managed to simultaneously set a resolutely new, modern tone for the brand while preserving and re-interpreting the core identity of the original 7 days. This new identity strengthens 7 day's differentiation in the economy segment by re-emphasizing core brand promises of warmth, friendliness and good sleep everyday. It is both unapologetically economy and resolutely modern. LABBRAND showed impressive foresight in projecting how the system would be used in different hotel environments. The system's flexibility allowed us to ensure great consistency between brand VI and product design and has facilitated easy implementation across our thousands of properties throughout China.

Kevin Gentle
Vice President Brand R&D of JinJiang GIC (Global Innovation Center)