Qualitative Manager, Market Research


LABBRAND, a Labbrand Group company, is a leading global brand consultancy founded in China in 2005.

As your guiding partner for brand innovations, LABBRAND channels the power of your brand towards accelerated growth. With expertise in Naming, Branding and Innovations, LABBRAND drives your brand forward amidst shifting business environments.

Through seamless coordination of Insights, Strategy, Naming and Design, LABBRAND creates brand identity and brand innovations that strengthen brand equity.


Being an insightful and analytical qualitative Market Research Senior Manager based in our Shanghai headquarters, you will be the operator and the gatekeeper of traditional or innovative methodologies aiming to bring out more insights and understandings. You will ensure the process of project execution, produce high quality end-products, develop trust-based relationship with day-to-day client contacts, and contribute to the development of new approaches.

You will become a brand expert in tune with the latest state of the art in the branding field. You will also be exposed to multiple research projects of both traditional and innovative methodologies. You will be able to extend your insights development skills and thinking into different territories of branding world.

Through your journey in Labbrand Group, you will become a brand expert in tune with the latest state of the art in the branding field.



PROJECT EXCELLENCE │We see beauty in each project: we aim to make every human and enterprise uniquely brilliant and beautiful, how about you? 

  • Manage project under Market Research Director’s supervision, including fieldwork management, discussion guide & screener design, moderation and analysis in research projects with a great sense of accountability for project methodology and goal and in respect with time constraints.
  • Execute projects effectively through allocating and managing resources and keep record in the Labbrand systems.
  • Deliver high quality reports and project outcomes to the clients timely.
  • Coordinate with other departments for cross-department projects and keep related parties informed during the whole process.

CLIENT ENGAGEMENT │We build journey with clients, guide them through unique, various and exciting projects. Are you ready to build a new journey, too?

  • Collaborate with Business and Account Management team to activate existing clients and develop new clients. Supervise or take charge of market research proposals, attending pitch meetings and presentation meetings.
  • Support marketing activities to promote market research offerings.
  • Assist to organize the development of compelling case studies and newsletters (content/visuals) from completed projects, as well as relevant articles to promote market research service.
  • Facing clients directly through emails, phones, conference calls, client meetings and presentations, etc on a regular basis.
  • Communicate with clients to understand and respond to their needs efficiently.
  • Detect the questions and pain points of the client and provide with your own point of view and solutions
  • Establish and maintain a trustworthy relationship with the clients.

THOUGHT LEADERSHIP │You will become a brand expert in tune with the latest state of art in the branding field.

  • Assist Research Director to capture internal best practices as well as develop/learn and apply innovative methodologies to meet specific goal.
  • Contribute to content development: article, presentations, etc…that reflects Labbrand thought leadership on market research topics.

TEAM DEVELOPMENT │You have the opportunity to experience freedom to explore and embark on new territories, shall you take it?

  • Assist Research Director to guide team to learn new knowledge and techniques.


  • 5 years above of experience in qualitative market research field, or roles related to insights, market research, and branding
  • Strong moderation skills
  • Fluent in English



We are passionate about exploration
We explore new territories with a passion for the branding industry—from the power of words & ideas to digital & culture transformation, from B2C to B2B, from Shanghai headquarters to APAC and worldwide. We are multi-cultural and diverse, we are in tune with the latest trends in the branding field, and always growing. 

We work at the forefront of branding
We are our clients’ guiding partner. We work with Fortune 500 brands and industry leaders around the world ,including Porsche, Coca-Cola, Marvel, Medtronic, XCMG by providing constantly evolved service, improved brand methods and unique brand technology. We are surrounded by dynamic, open-minded, passionate, curious and brave people

We are enthusiastic about life
Our office is creative and spacious, located in heart of a deeply rooted cultural landmark of the city, we continously get inpiration from our surroundings as well as each other, we take the opportunity to enrich our lives and nurture our culture, we are always exposed to new things and celebrate our development with pleasure and pride.
We excel in team performance
We believe in the power of teamwork. Through teamwork, our Human Power comes to life, impacts our clients, and shapes the future.  We believe that progress in team performance is an ongoing pursuit. Our team leaders are caring and accessible. With their experience and management skills, our leaders keep us learning about how to better perform as a team.