Quantitative Consultant, Market Research


LABBRAND, a Labbrand Group company, is a leading global brand consultancy founded in China in 2005.

As your guiding partner for brand innovations, LABBRAND channels the power of your brand towards accelerated growth. With expertise in Naming, Branding and Innovations, LABBRAND drives your brand forward amidst shifting business environments.

Through seamless coordination of Insights, Strategy, Naming and Design, LABBRAND creates brand identity and brand innovations that strengthen brand equity.


Being the Quantitative Consultant in Market Research based in Shanghai headquarter, you will focused on Quantitative research (using data to help brands make better decisions on their product, consumer, and communication strategies) with clients across all sectors, and the majority are multi-national corporations. Meanwhile since we are a cross-disciplinary team you’ll gain wide exposure to methodologies beyond this area. You will learn how to understand people and consumers through data and can tell a story that resonates with clients.

Through your journey in Labbrand Group, you will become a brand expert in tune with the latest state of the art in the branding field.



PROJECT EXCELLENCE │We see beauty in each project: we aim to make every human and enterprise uniquely brilliant and beautiful, how about you? 

  • Exceptional attention to detail to ensure accuracy of our results.
  • Able to present well-formatted data charts and initial interpretation of what it means.
  • Identify any areas as a team we can optimize for projects for even greater client satisfaction.

CLIENT ENGAGEMENT │We build journey with clients, guide them through unique, various and exciting projects. Are you ready to build a new journey, too?

  • Attend client meetings with other team members to record the discussion and assist on follow-ups.
  • Support with proposal-making for new business opportunities.
  • Able to play an important role on proposal-making for quantitative research with input from Research Director. 
  • Identify future opportunities for new business based on learnings from existing projects.
  • Convincingly sell the Quantitative design and deliverables.

THOUGHT LEADERSHIP │You will become a brand expert in tune with the latest state of art in the branding field.

  • Support other team members to collate examples of best practice for quantitative projects.
  • Provide support to other team members in showcasing our industry-leading perspectives.

TEAM DEVELOPMENT │You have the opportunity to experience freedom to explore and embark on new territories, shall you take it?

  • Work collaboratively & flexibly with team members to take on feedback and continuously improve.
  • Introduce alternative approaches & methods at each step on the project lifecycle to further broaden the knowledge & understanding of how to solve problems  & optimize among the team.


  • Fluent in English and Mandarin
  • Bachelor’s degree or above in quantitative discipline e.g. Mathematics, Statistics, Economics a bonus
  • Team player interested in working with colleagues and clients from different backgrounds
  • Organized, proactive and ambitious
  • An interest in consumer behavior and brand marketing
  • Passion for storytelling with numbers as well as delivering robust, operationally excellent research
  • Ad-hoc project experience in addition to trackers is highly desirable
  • Excellent understanding on how to ensure correct survey programming, even with complex routing 
  • Experience with Microsoft Excel or data software (e.g. R, SPSS) not expected but a bonus



We are passionate about exploration
We explore new territories with a passion for the branding industry—from the power of words & ideas to digital & culture transformation, from B2C to B2B, from Shanghai headquarters to APAC and worldwide. We are multi-cultural and diverse, we are in tune with the latest trends in the branding field, and always growing. 

We work at the forefront of branding
We are our clients’ guiding partner. We work with Fortune 500 brands and industry leaders around the world ,including Porsche, Coca-Cola, Marvel, Medtronic, XCMG by providing constantly evolved service, improved brand methods and unique brand technology. We are surrounded by dynamic, open-minded, passionate, curious and brave people

We are enthusiastic about life
Our office is creative and spacious, located in heart of a deeply rooted cultural landmark of the city, we continously get inpiration from our surroundings as well as each other, we take the opportunity to enrich our lives and nurture our culture, we are always exposed to new things and celebrate our development with pleasure and pride.
We excel in team performance
We believe in the power of teamwork. Through teamwork, our Human Power comes to life, impacts our clients, and shapes the future.  We believe that progress in team performance is an ongoing pursuit. Our team leaders are caring and accessible. With their experience and management skills, our leaders keep us learning about how to better perform as a team.